Easter Weekend 2014.



What a difference a year makes. This year I found myself making up for lost time. What should have been a year of adulation, turned into a year of chances, heavy emotions and manifestations. Everything was placed on hold, everything but breathing, and as I slowly re-enter the world I had once left behind, I’ve decided to make it a celebration. Everyday since the 1st of April, I’ve done something to celebrate love, life, and everything in between, including celebrating 28 days of me. Twenty-eight days leading up to my glorious 36, the year I have accomplished big goals that will lead me to a beautiful dream, and since I grew up here; there’s no better way to celebrate who I am than by reuniting with my first love. The ocean.





Saturday afternoon, I headed with Skrollz to Wynwood for a photo-shoot. He’s been diligently working on a project to bring writing back to the youth. Something that’s been lost due to social media, lack of parenting and game systems.
welcome to Paperstax, a project dedicated to revitalizing the art of personal reflection. The project is about giving young people pocketable notebooks to inspire them to put themselves on paper, one page at a time.






Sunday: the day of reflection, the holiest day ever, Easter Sunday. I drove up to Broward  for some Easter fun which included tons of baking, BBQ-ing and Jello-O shots. As I sat back and took on the lake view, I suddenly realized that I have reached a place of serenity in my life.  As I reflect on the past, I am now confident about where my life is going, I’m cherished by those who are in it, and most importantly I’ve come to accept things I’ve had trouble seeing before, and as the sunsets on this graceful day, I have to say, I’ve never been more happier with myself.


Make Your Bed, Please!



If I don’t make my bed in the morning, I feel like I’ll have a bad day. Seriously, I’ve called my mother and asked her to go into my room and please fix it when I’ve left in a hurry just so that my mind could be at peace with the cosmos. A bed says a lot about who you are; just like the inside of your car (but that’s a whole different topic) if your bed is made your personal life is at ease, you’re more content with your personal space, you’re more productive during the day, you’re more comfortable about who you are, you’re not longing for company, and it makes for free time to do something else around the pad.

A made bed makes for a healthy sex life, did you know that? It’s far more inviting then messy sheets. I know what you’re thinking, “you’re just going to mess them up anyways” but truth be told there is nothing more erotic than seeing the mess you’ve made afterwards, and if you’re with a person who is extremely visual than a made bed makes for exotic sex. It also helps unfuck your bad habits.

Being a single woman who has dated some single boys, I for one have to pat myself on the back, because before me they were bed sloppy, and after me, well let’s just say they have kept up with the neat sheets. Also, nothing says sexy than getting out of bed, and seeing them making it after your feet hit the floor (make my bed, Bitch).  If your bed is made there’s nothing to worry about, your finances are in order, your work flow is controllable and yourself esteem is at an all time high. Because if you took the time in the AM to make your bed, it shows that you have taken time to take care of you. It’s a sign that your shit is put together, and who doesn’t like a person who has their shit together?

  With that said, now that you’ve made your bed, go lay in it.

Mind, Body & Soul.


A mini vacation never hurt the soul. Especially if you live in Miami. People come here every day to get away (from what exactly… I don’t know?) but there are days I find myself wanting to escape the traffic, the pavements, the superficial life style that has become a nightmare trend in our city, and the shadows of the relationships I have collided with. Saturday morning after hanging up memories of time passed, I jumped in the car and headed West. There’s something free about direction, and something spiritual about the West. There’s no question as to why many drive towards the desert, yet seeing that I’m worlds away, but mindfully close to the West, it’s force, which I found myself gravitating towards, with it’s clear wide compass was excatly what my heart needed.

Soundtrack of choice : Z by SZA








WMC: My Style!



As you well know, WMC invaded our city this past weekend, while most of the “ladies” wore nearly close to nothing and tree huggers looked for anything that resembled a tree, I made my way on over to the Design District, with DaVincci to catch Brand Nubian at the Stage Friday night. I had not been out and about in quite some time… but with my conflict in schedule who could? With work, school, kids and a brand new pad to decorate… time for myself as been something of the essence, luckily, I was in great company so it made for a lovely evening out full of music and soul. Perhaps not your typical WMC kind of night, but for us Miamian’s it was a break away from the uncomfortable tourists that take over our city, and the desperate chicks from Miami who follow them.


american idiot

I have been waiting for this show to come to Miami for five years.  And it was completely worth the five long and very washed out years. The times I’ve return to New York, I’ve been unable to make it and the one time I had decide to buy tickets, it was put on hiatus for running 400+ performances.  So when my sister’s husband surprised her for her birthday with tickets, It had dawned on me that I had fallen into a Broadway Musical coma. I had to see this show, I knew it would be exactly what I needed to come out of my musical funk, and I was right. American Idiot IS Tony Award amazing, and if you’re anything like me always looking to break away from a jaded mentality then this is the show for you. This was definitely a Music for the Soul weekend.


Saying Goodbye to How I Met Your Mother.


I am not ready to part with How I Met Your Mother just yet, nor am I emotionally prepared for all the feelings the last episode will bring. We all love a great love story, and we love a great dad, so what’s left to say about a show that has captured our hearts about a man who reminisces with his children about that time when he fell in love with their mom. It started with an ankle, and from that little sight of her skin, he knew she was the one.

We spend energy on looking for the one, and we spend hours telling people about it all while searching for that one great show, and when you combined them all, well you end up with a conversational piece worth sharing. I want to thank the producers, writer, actors, and everyone who worked on, and behind the scene in making this one of my all-time favorite family shows. It became our show; I have spent countless hours on the sofa with the kids enjoying this creative work. I also spent my healing process next to Barney, Marshall, Robin, Lily and Ted, and I couldn’t have asked for better company.

Saying good bye to something you enjoy is hard, I’ve recently had to say good bye to many things. The house where I enjoyed so many beautiful moments in, some of the things that brought tons of joy into our lives, and because life has a funny sense of humor, I’ve also had to say good bye to some people in my life. However, this show helped me cope, and I’m just not ready to say good bye to it, just yet.

Romance Is My Day Job!


Romance is not only my day job, but it’s also my morning cup of coffee, why I get dressed every day, and my reason for breathing.  Yes, I understand that you think romance is important when it comes to relationships, and although, I might be in the crossroads of one, the one relationship I never seem to have a problem with is the one I have with myself.  Many times I’ve been asked “Do you think it’s healthy that you are always romancing yourself, kind of makes it hard, it’s like they are always competing with you, no?” and my answer to that is always, “no.” I spend more time alone then I do in relationships, and since it’s the little things that count, and no one knows me better than I know myself, I seem to keep things wonderful when it comes to me, and although I’m hopeful about love, I can’t help but to romance myself every chance I get. Today, I treated myself to lunch, sat outside and enjoyed this beautiful cool breeze in Miami, bought a book by the self-title of this blog, and Thanked everyone for the little complements as I walked between buildings while wearing my emerald skirt, royal blue lace top and cat shades. I can’t wait to go home and read all about romance.

DIY: Upholstering Chairs & Ottomans.


One of the many wonderful things about moving is getting rid of the things you no longer want in your life, and sometimes receiving things that you do. Over the course of the week, my new and soon to be ex generous neighbor offered her dinning room table in exchange for my moving boxes.

The table is 20 years old, and hand made in Venezuela. It’s trimmed with an iron and wood finish, the iron chairs needed a touch of love and after seeing some of the things coming into my new home, she knew the table would set in perfectly.

On Saturday my friend and I took a trip to Joann’s fabric and picked out the perfect print for my soon to be transformed bistro table. I also bought fabric for the two ottomans I couldn’t find myself parting with.

With an upholstering stapler, fabric scissors, extra padding, Robert Glasper’s Black Radio playing in the background, along with chimichangas for our 15 minute break, the rest was Paris history.