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Superficial Sweets

So, last night I ended up the Vagabond for SHAKE, however the purpose for my attendance was to support a great cause, the second annual Goobs for Boobs event to raise money for breast cancer research, it was hosted by Miss. Goobs herself alongside, antisteez.

I mingled, I usually don’t, I’m super antisocial, or at least pretend to be. Had some dude graffiti my hand for a while because he was bored, and had a few words with Goobs regarding a possibly interview with John Mayer, she is by far, one of the coolest chicks I’ve come across in a very long time, and I don’t find many people cool.

After spending a minute inside the hiphop room, I made my way back to the terrace, and just in time for the surprise of the night: the Dunk Tank. Which I must admit I had never been around a dunk tank before, it was fun seeing Goobs get duked in a bucket of water. I also got to spend some time with the girls from Superficial Sweets, they worked long hours in making delicious cupcakes for the event in order to raise money for the cause. Good job girls.

Thank you for the pink butter cream, red velvet, chocolate chip cupcake it was to die for.

Around the Globe

Caught in a deep conversation

Allow me to express what an amazing evening I had Saturday night alongside my husband and one of our many favorite couples: Rudy and S.  We found ourselves at a sweet little bar hidden in the quiet streets of Alhambra in the Gables called the Globe Cafe and Bar.  What can I say about this place? It was like I had gone off to a little private get away in my very own backyard.  It felt like we had stepped into an old Spaniard bistro (if you will) somewhere far away.   The pub had such an amazing jazzy atmosphere that completely sets itself apart from any other place in the area. 

Now, we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Clay who is the pianist that was brilliantly performing that night, and if I may not setting apart Mr. Clay in any which way with his presentation, I have to admit I grew a particular liking to the upright bass player.  Not only was he passionate about his recital but I found him quite charming as he captivated the audience with his bass.  Amazing. 

At this moment you must be thinking: She doesn’t get out much.  And although you are right; let me defend myself by saying that, I have been to concerts before, and I have been out on the town plenty.  However there is nothing like a small intimate setting with great live band playing in the background surrounded by great company and meeting new people as the night progressed.  And even though I had not experience live instrumental music like this before I will assure you it definitely will not be the last.  Thank you  Clay for inviting us it was a pleasure finally meeting you and we will definitely catch up with you on the next round.

I recommend you to check this place out if you haven’t yet— immediately, and when you do please remember me because it is truly a little piece of heaven.    

the Husband and I

Rudy and S

the Band


Ab (my music guru)

Greetings from New York, “I wish you were here.”

In New York and thinking of you :), V

So my friend V headed over to New York on pleasure and while on her visit there she made sure she kept me posted on all the finest things the city has to offer, starting with the fabulous picture of Macy’s featured above and the rest is self explanatory so enjoy.  If you know me, then you know I LOVE NY, there is nothing like it in the world and I’m so happy to know that when my friends head out to the Big Apple they too think of me.

"So I don't understand her style..."

"Yes he's in a speedo in Central Park"



"Beautiful building art"

WTC Memorial Plaza.

 Thank you for thinking of me and sending the pictures V they were great.  Enjoy.

Moving to the beat of the Drums

So a drummer buddy of mine has been introducing me to the world of music through the ears of a musician.  I have always loved the way music makes me feel but when he started showing me the ways of the beat, I kind of  took it in and I must admit that I have another appreciation for all of the instruments involved, not just the vocalist. 

 There is another way to listening to music and I must say I am finally understand it better.  Music is more than just words.  It’s listening with you mind, your body not just your heart.    

Thank you Ab, you have become my very own music guru, the beauty is no longer in who holds it, but who is whiling to share it.