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Superficial Sweets

So, last night I ended up the Vagabond for SHAKE, however the purpose for my attendance was to support a great cause, the second annual Goobs for Boobs event to raise money for breast cancer research, it was hosted by Miss. Goobs herself alongside, antisteez.

I mingled, I usually don’t, I’m super antisocial, or at least pretend to be. Had some dude graffiti my hand for a while because he was bored, and had a few words with Goobs regarding a possibly interview with John Mayer, she is by far, one of the coolest chicks I’ve come across in a very long time, and I don’t find many people cool.

After spending a minute inside the hiphop room, I made my way back to the terrace, and just in time for the surprise of the night: the Dunk Tank. Which I must admit I had never been around a dunk tank before, it was fun seeing Goobs get duked in a bucket of water. I also got to spend some time with the girls from Superficial Sweets, they worked long hours in making delicious cupcakes for the event in order to raise money for the cause. Good job girls.

Thank you for the pink butter cream, red velvet, chocolate chip cupcake it was to die for.

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