Maestro Knows

Levi Maestro #24 tops Artists of 2010

This is a one man’s dream, while riding on skateboard and hanging with his friends he knew that his life was something worth documenting.  He had a dream, and it was to become a director.  Now he is the videographer/director  documeting his everyday life and putting it on line for the world to see.  Levi Maestro is full of wisdom and positivity for such a young man that you can’t help but to watch his show. 

   For those who know me know that I get inspired by people who dream big, and ever since I found Maestro knows I have been inspired to continue dreaming.  In just a little time he has gone from New York to LA and now around the world, and he’s bringing it to you via his page at

Check him out and tell me his not living the dream. What are you doing to make a difference?