Fan Fever At Its Best.

I must say that beside the fever and all the rambling I did mostly online last night, I got to see a side to two of my favorite artists Gwen Stefani and John Mayer.  Now I know its all fun and games when it comes to posting random things about these two, but they are a big deal in my life.  And I know some of you may not understand it however its ok, because I share this with those who do.

NoDoubt Via Twitter

NoDoubt has been working on yet another album- how do they do it? How do they continue to make great music after so many years?  Well here is how, they stay true to themselves and their fans.  Their success is beautiful to watch, their music as GOOD to listen too and the band isn’t so bad looking either if I do say so myself.  I am so excited and can’t wait to hear what they have cooking up their sleeves and hoping for yet another summer tour. I was lucky enough to catch them at WPB last year and I must say it was amazing getting my mind trampled by NoDoubt again.  Now yesterday as I was going over all the tweets that were coming in I saw this, as the sun was setting over their studio session last night they sent pictures via twitter, letting the fans know they were thinking of them. 

They mentioned working on song #9. 

“nine may not seem like a lot but it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality!-gwenx


(Now if you remember, this was the same process I had under gone while Mayer was working on Battle Studies.  Getting the tweets and all of the updates and then the anticipation of finally getting to hear pieces of it, still rough around the edges but something none the less, seeing pictures of the process as it was being picked and pulled apart, and then finally when it all comes together—an album is released and you saw moments of how it all went down.  It’s surreal.)


Moreover after she tweeted, I couldnt help but think of how amazing these people actually are.  Maybe it was the fever taking it all in way to deep?  But I felt really honored in sharing that with so many others who admire them for what they do, and for caring for their fans the way they do.  They give back in such ways you can’t help but to support and If I know them, then this is to be true, anything they bring to the floor is classified pure genius.  Thank you guys for the updates, we love you for thinking of us always.

Now On to Mayer. 

 If you have been following John Mayer on twitter or on tumblr then you are up-to-date on whom Zach Anner is.  But if you haven’t then (I suggest you get with the program) let me give you a quick re-cap.  He was part of Oprah’s contest to win his own show that would air on Oprah’s new network.  Well it just so happens that Mayer got involved when Zach mentioned him on one of his video blogs, which then Mayer responded back offering to do the theme song to Zach show and even offered tickets to his tour.  Now he didn’t win the contest, but I think he got something bigger than that, he gained a buddy in Mayer and so like they say—the rest is history.  Here they are back stage at one of Mayer’s concerts.  This makes my heart all warm and fuzzy, and it’s one of the many reason I adore this man.  Not only for opening mouth and inserting foot (which I find him to be quite funny when he does) but for having a huge heart and opening it like this to the world.

 Thank you John for sharing this with us. 

Zach and John