Happy Friday the 13th, its not so bad.

Last night I had an amazing astronomical moment with my children.  We sat out by the pool hoping to catch a bit of the meteor shower.  It seemed like we would be the only ones out there at first, and suddenly we were surrounded by other families that came to see if they too could wish up on a falling star.

There was too much light pollution going around in the Hammocks area last night but we were lucky enough to see four shooting stars and that was magical for us.


Now unto other loves of life

If you didnt read the book, that fine.  However don’t miss the film it will change your life, and if it doesn’t, read the book, IT will change your life.

Now On to Geeks Love! 

 “An epic of epic epicness” I love that!
  Its geek love at its best and it’s out TODAY!