Food for thought


Right now as most of you already know I am reading Eat,Pray,Love.  And so far I am completely taken by this book.  I am almost done with it, and the only reason why I have delayed the time in reading it is simple; I am going to miss it once I am done with it.  Elizabeth Gilbert (in so many ways has lived the life of millions of people out there) but with one exception, she really did do something about it.  Right now I’m in book 3, in the very beginning of Love.

I will dedicate Tuesdays to books that I have read, and future books that I can’t wait to get my hands on, I will have a page set up for this so that you can comment on it as well, and if you have read the (featured) book (s) listed please tell me how they have made you feel.  And if you have any to recommend leave them here as well.

Thank you and happy Readings.