Social Network and the Infamous Billy the Kidd

The Social Network Teaser Poster

So I entered a contest yesterday hosted by the infamous Billy the Kidd.  Yes I am a dork like that, I love entering contest, in the hopes of winning something someday.  Well after my horrible experience with Y100 I swore off trying to enter anything because I couldn’t take another disappointment of knowing I had won something, but given something totally different in the end. 

However when I logged into my fb yesterday and saw the kidd’s post promoting a contest for the upcoming movie Social Network,  my heart skipped a beat and I just knew I had to try.

When I woke up this morning I had a feeling that the contest was over.  I knew that there must have been some great picutres out there and probably the reason why I wasn’t chosen.  But then, I received an unexpected text letting me know I was TOTALLY PICKED!



What do you think about my picture?

Monday’s Eye Candy- Justin Timberlake

In 2006 he brought sexy back, and thanks to him it still hasn’t gone out of style.  When you say Justin Timberlake what’s the 1st thing that pops into your head?  Here’s a little help to make it easy for you.  The man has fashion sense which is a big plus, not only has he mastered the art of fashion by opening up his own line, but he has branched into restaurants going as far as producing his own Tequila.  Not too bad for a little boy who could.

 Having a passion for all things, he’s also involved in a lot of charity’s including one under his name, and if that’s not all, he has even opened up his own gulf course. Will there be tournaments for charity going on? I hope so.

Still you can’t think of anything?  Come on the dude has it all. He has tons of charm, one heck of a sense of humor, the man can dance, and he can obviously sing.  If that isn’t enough, he can also act; make sure you catch his new movie on October 1st in which he plays ‘Sean Parker’ the co-founder of Napster.

 This leaves me with no choice but to make him my pick for this week, Enjoy.










My Hands are All Over this

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon listening to the new Maroon 5 album trying to figure out if I like it or not, and can I tell you that I love it.  It’s everything a Fall/Autumn season should be.  Just when the nights are going to start getting longer and the weather is changing  I believe this is the kind of music you’d want to indulge in before the winter mayhem.   “Hands All Over” is exactly what everyone needs to hear right now.  I love a man that can tell you what he wants and Adam Levine has a beautiful way of doing so.  Go pick it up.  It’s sexy.

In Honor Of The Battle Studies Tour Coming to an end, I’m adding all of my GPOYW today.

Make sure to click on the images so that you can view the original pictures.  Thank you for stopping by.

This is the Beginning of the Battle Studies Winter Tour Edition GPOYW  11/6/09

GPOYW my interpretation of John Mayer’s 5-19-10 GPOYW pic John Mayer in Tokyo -Edition

GPOYW my imitation of John Mayer’s 5-19-10 GPOYW pic John Mayer in Tokyo -Edition.  Check out my shirt, it says TOKYO on it.

GPOY(s)W I am not “Experimenting” you have seen this picture before. This is the great Monica Di and I. However I am doing my usual John Mayer GPOYW edition of his 6/23/2010 GPOYW – so enjoy.

GPOY(s)W I am not “Experimenting” you have seen this picture before. This is the great Monica Di and I. However I am doing my usual John Mayer GPOYW Edition of his 6/23/2010 GPOYW – so enjoy.

 GPOYW 7/14/10    John Mayer Chicago, 2007 Edition.

 This is inspired by the shirt he was wearing during the backstage tour he gave us on Ustream  taped earlier today from Jones Beach.  How are you liking my Highwaters? They looked awesome on him.

GPOYW John Mayer (Hammocks Blvd) Edition 8/4/10  GPOYW John Mayer Woodstock Edition

 GPOYW John Mayer “Three Days Before His Metaphoric Retirement” Edition. 

Keep them coming John I’m not done yet.

Saying Goodbye For Now, to the Boy of Summer 2010.

Picture taken my Yours truly!

I am known for having adventures every time I go out, but my Mayer moments trumps all of my other moments always.  The 1st time I went to see Mayer I got lost.  The 2nd time I went to see John I ended up with a flat.  Now last night, wasn’t any different from all my Mayer moments, on our way up, the car decided to hydroplane all over the road, freaking us all, after making it safe back home.  Once we switched cars, my son’s decided they didn’t want to go after all.  I ended up with two extra tickets which were quickly taken by my boy Tito and his girlfriend saving me from the thought of losing out on someone enjoying this magical night.  Thank you Tito for joining me and for my Mayer shirt, you rock!

After all the drama that went into getting there and getting someone in, I felt this concert was specifically meant for me.  As I am sure some of you felt this way during the tour.  But can I tell you that from the beginning to the very end I was owned.  The man came out sporting his John Mayer graph T-shirt and wearing the cutest pair of highwaters ever, with the signature accessory of the tour- a bandanna.  He started the set list with Chest Fever/ Vultures and I have never heard it like this before and I felt privilege in getting a chance too.  Now I’m not going to breakdown every song on the set list, moreover I will tell you about the songs I wanted him to play, in which he did.  Therefore making me feel  like maybe the man might have been reading my tweets after all?  On the eve of the summer tour he went on ustream and said:

I am going to do whatever I want on this tour.

Boy did he ever.  I jumped on the opportunity to request some songs via twitter in hopes to hear them played in WPB.  And well, he played them all.  He sang Clarity, Why Georgia, not before he opened up my wounds with Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, and showered me with (((Covered in Rain))).  He gave us advice on how to “stop the train” while singing Stop This Train.

He brought back an old friend and it was unreal to finally get to hear Your Body is a Wonderland live.  He brought on the tears with Gravity and mended my heart with Waiting on the World to Change.  He did an amazing tribute to NYC on the backdrop, were he spoke a lot abouthow he went on tour right after 9/11 and even wore a Yankees hat and talked about how you shouldnt hate on it.

he teased us with a Miami/Cleveland Jersey which was very funny and the crowd loved every minute of it.

He was hilarious with his impressination of Jagger.  took a few moments in which he spoke about is 18 month retirement plan.  He did a fantastic job playing Voodoo Child which seemed to be a crowd favorite all tour long, and had me completely pumped with his mix of Good Love is On the Way/ Heartbreak Warfare (Mashup).

And while the lights went off and he said his thank yous and good nights, I knew it wasn’t over because he hadn’t take his last bow of the tour.  Now, after what seemed like forever he then returned to the stage where I was completely speechless and remained that way until this morning.  He came out and played Wheel and right before going into a long speech I heard it start; and the tears came rolling down harder than ever.  He ended the night with gratitude towards the fans, family, friends and his band.  And then just in the mist of it all Edge of Desire came in finishing the best set list of the night.  I don’t know how to explain to you how beautiful it was but I will try.

A year of hearing, watching and waiting for Battle Studies to be completed was an honor.  10 months of a Winter and Summer tour was a pleasure.  9 months of waiting for him to come back was worth the wait.  However none of that could have been possible without the respect, the understanding, the support, catching up, watching, and loving this man, which has all come to an end too fast, to soon.  Last night was such an amazing night.   And even though the summer tour broke all the rules he made sure he stayed true to the fans who love him most.   Thank you for loving us back Mayer, enjoy your long vacation and know that we will be anticipating your return to do it all over again in 18 months.

This is the face of someone who still can't believe that Mayer deleted his twitter account!

This is the face of someone who still can’t believe that Mayer deleted his twitter account!

I wrote this over the weekend when everything was still running inside my blood, all the ohs and ahs that make for great concert bliss still fresh in my mind.  I left for the lake yesterday afternoon because I needed to be in the air of the world after such a long Sat/Sun overdrive even though I didn’t make for good company, I felt I needed out.  However when I got home the last thing I expected was a twitter death. I understand he needs a break, we all do. But I couldn’t help but to feel sadden by it all, I mean tumblr isn’t the same, twitter was like sending him a text to his phone, without having a number, I know- (way to personal) but tumblr is like sending an email to him on an account he never gets… I guess it’s something.  Here is a link to the post I did when he (was over twitter).

Here is a link to where you can find all of Mayer’s tweets.

A Good beginning to 9/11


I must admit I didn’t do my home work when it came to Owl City, I didn’t know what to expect out of him and more a less let the tour decided for me, but when a buddy of mine informed me about the lead singer having Aspergers I was completely taken away and suddenly all of his music started to make sense. There for I paid close attention and listen to what might be a possibility of what my children maybe enduring and seeing the world they live in while locked away in their own thoughts. My mind was changed for the better after spending a month not knowing and hoping for an amped crowed to bring in an amped John, I saw the side of the tour I wasn’t able to see through ustream or pictures.  The opening act was better than I had anticipated and all the while enjoying it alongside those who love the cause just as much as I do, Owl City didn’t pumped the crowed the way others would have expected, but they pumped me enough to know that the rest of the evening was going to be just as touching. Thank you Mayer for bringing Owl City on board.

To Be Continued…