Social Network and the Infamous Billy the Kidd

The Social Network Teaser Poster

So I entered a contest yesterday hosted by the infamous Billy the Kidd.  Yes I am a dork like that, I love entering contest, in the hopes of winning something someday.  Well after my horrible experience with Y100 I swore off trying to enter anything because I couldn’t take another disappointment of knowing I had won something, but given something totally different in the end. 

However when I logged into my fb yesterday and saw the kidd’s post promoting a contest for the upcoming movie Social Network,  my heart skipped a beat and I just knew I had to try.

When I woke up this morning I had a feeling that the contest was over.  I knew that there must have been some great picutres out there and probably the reason why I wasn’t chosen.  But then, I received an unexpected text letting me know I was TOTALLY PICKED!



What do you think about my picture?

Monday’s Eye Candy- Justin Timberlake

In 2006 he brought sexy back, and thanks to him it still hasn’t gone out of style.  When you say Justin Timberlake what’s the 1st thing that pops into your head?  Here’s a little help to make it easy for you.  The man has fashion sense which is a big plus, not only has he mastered the art of fashion by opening up his own line, but he has branched into restaurants going as far as producing his own Tequila.  Not too bad for a little boy who could.

 Having a passion for all things, he’s also involved in a lot of charity’s including one under his name, and if that’s not all, he has even opened up his own gulf course. Will there be tournaments for charity going on? I hope so.

Still you can’t think of anything?  Come on the dude has it all. He has tons of charm, one heck of a sense of humor, the man can dance, and he can obviously sing.  If that isn’t enough, he can also act; make sure you catch his new movie on October 1st in which he plays ‘Sean Parker’ the co-founder of Napster.

 This leaves me with no choice but to make him my pick for this week, Enjoy.










My Hands are All Over this

Yesterday I spent most of my afternoon listening to the new Maroon 5 album trying to figure out if I like it or not, and can I tell you that I love it.  It’s everything a Fall/Autumn season should be.  Just when the nights are going to start getting longer and the weather is changing  I believe this is the kind of music you’d want to indulge in before the winter mayhem.   “Hands All Over” is exactly what everyone needs to hear right now.  I love a man that can tell you what he wants and Adam Levine has a beautiful way of doing so.  Go pick it up.  It’s sexy.