Plaid Decision


If you’re anything like me you think black jelly beans are the foulest things on this planet.  If you’re even more like me you know the previous statement was made a little less true by this unbelievable mess.   I’ve never been a big fan of Ralph Lauren’s clothing but this is an atrocity…it reminds me of that episode of SATC when Charlotte is trying to impress Trey’s Scottish family and his evil mother “bunny”:::shudder::: In case you were wondering I am wearing it in my size which means it was meant to look like this but it’s not ALL bad news… Ladies and Gents I tried this thing on at the new Bloomingdales outlet in Dolphin Mall Miami!!!!!!!! See? I bring the good with the bad.  In this case the good with the WTF is she wearing?

An Apple One Day Kept the Doctor Away.


So for the first time ever I had a very pleasant customer service experience, and would you believe it was with the Apple ITunes department.  I am the proud owner of 89,000 plus Albums give and take a few singles.  Now I’ve back up maybe 10% of the files but it’s such a tedious job that I decided to hold on backing up the rest of the music to my life, and well guess what happened next?  My computer was stolen by the kiss of death last week.  And I was unable to back up the rest of the music I had boxed in files inside the software; I’m talking about thousands and thousands of songs to my heart gone!  But the beautiful people of ITunes were able to restore 9 yrs worth of downloads.  Thank you apple for saving my soul, you have no idea what this means to me.  I promise I will take my time in backing up everything I buy from you, I know this phone call was a very long one.  :)

Has this ever happened to you?  Where you able to get them back?

Back to the Future 25th Anniversary

Back to the Future celebrated its 25th Anniversary yesterday releasing the movie not only in BLU-Ray DVD, but also re-releasing the film onto the big screen in selected theaters across the country.  Some of the cast reunited in NYC to honor the films anniversary. Where were you when this movie first came out?  Were you among the privileged few who saw this hit the big screen last night?  I want to hear from you tell me all about it!


Back to the Future Reunion

Monday’s Eye Candy- Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

A lot of you know I’m a sucker for pretty boys, and I thought it was totally appropriate for me to feature Ian Somerhalder for this Mondays Eye Candy. Obviously I was compelled by the man to do so over the weekend when I saw this handsome fella at the Hot Topic signing that took part at the Shops of Sunset Place.  I don’t think anyone will disagree, Right?   That man is absolutely gorgeous, I didn’t think it to be possibly with all the makeup and HD going on in the world but he was. And his eyes…let’s talk about these captivating wonders of the world.  How can anyone look into his eyes everyday and still function is beyond me.  They suck you in and take a hold on you like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and he houses them very well with that beautiful smile of his.  I can go on, and on and on about him, he is just that mesmerizing. If you haven’t come into contact with this man, prepare yourself for when you do, the man has an undying flirtatious demeanor inside of him and knows how to use it very well. Enjoy!







Big Fall Trends 2010- Turban/Hats

While the fashion world is wearing Turbans’ on the runway and in the streets of LA and lets not forget Paris.  I thought it was sweeter to sport these instead, which can be styled with just about anything now- a- days and I do mean anything.  What do you say?


 San Diego Six Way Hat

Basket Weave Cap with Bow

Basket Weave Cap with Bow



Old Navy Womens Popcorn-Knit Berets

Old Navy Knit Berets $9.50


Dear Diary, Today I had a Moment with a Vampire…


10:30 am the sun was in full affect as the streets of South Miami paved empty for the even taking place at the Shops of Sunset Place this afternoon.  I took my time parking and had something to eat, when out of nowhere I heard some screams.  (Did they get here and I didn’t even notice, impossible).  After the screams went away, I hurried out of the car, because that only meant the line outside of Hot Topic was going to be rushed by fan girls.  I walked up to find that the line was 30 deep, making me lucky number 31, as the line began to grow, so did the heat, my phone after making fail attempts to tweet what was happening as I stood there waiting for the boys,it had  recorded 98 degrees outside at 11:30am.  Ja, and Ian came to Miami wearing a leather Jacket…

As I stood there in line with the girls I was totally playing it cool.  Telling them not to become fan havoc or else I was going to leave them all by themselves high and dry.  It was mayhem the amount of screams coming from these tiny little things; I didn’t know girls can scream THAT loud.  I didn’t think I could hear after something like that, any ways… at 4pm they started to let people inside in sets of ten, and suddenly it was our turn into the store, and while waiting I tried many times to take a picture of the guys but when the lady of Hot Top saw my phone she insisted that I put it away, honestly I wasn’t about to get kicked out for the love of taking a snap of these two boys after spending 6 hrs in line, and all the screaming  girls that came with the wait to end up well in the street again.  NO way!

So it’s my turn to walk up to the beautiful man sitting down signing away his name and when Ian lifted his head (PAUSE) remember when I had mentioned how I had told the girls, if they were to become ultra fan girls, I was going to ditch them?  Well, guess what happened, I became the crazy fan girl.

Ian is sitting signing his name on the posters that were being handed out and when he lifted his head, he gave me the biggest smile EVER, completely melting my heart away.  Followed by  “Hi there” I said hello and lost myself in his beautiful blue eyes, and then I bent down and said your eyes are just as mesmerizing as everyone said they would be.    So fuking cheesy I swear!   He then cocked his head back and smiled putting the pen down and said “WOW!  Nice… Thank you” and lifted his hand and gave me a high-five only to finish me off with pointing at my necklace and saying “That’s So Hot”.  They guy next to me kept rushing me to move it along and so I did right onto Paul who was well, something else. 

 He did the same as Ian grabbed the poster signed it and lifted his head and said Hi, his smile was just has big as Ian’s, but suddenly disappeared  when I looked at him and said: So you better looking in person (I don’t understand  because I thought that was a complement) he then said “Oh yeah, so what does that say about me on TV?” o_O  I shrugged my shoulders and kept walking; we totally had NO  chemistry whatsoever.


Sounds on the Radio-  Sound Checking

Sounds on the Radio-  Sound Checking



Hot Topic MIAMI Sunset Place

Hot Topic MIAMI Sunset Place

The middle of the line

the Sporadic front of the line 

Had a La Sweet cupcake.

Had an La Sweets cupcake, they came out to the line and took your order and ever brought it to you.

The waiting game

Waiting for beauty is dreadful 

Cutest sign ever

Cutest sign ever, she was a hit!

The Far Far back of the line

Far-Far back of the line

Closer to the Store 

Can you see Ian's head!

Inside, Can you see Ian? 

Sound Checking again

Sorry, I wasnt close enough, but then I had to leave. 

Picture by @StarryMag: RT by me

Picture by @StarryMag: RT by me


Thank you to all the girls who stood in line among us, it was great meeting you all and sharing such a moment with you, thank you to those who brought the entertaining signs they were very cute.  Thank you to Shenna @EyemJusMe66 for letting me cut in with her you rock girl!  And Thank you to Mari @chiki82 for letting me drive her insane with all the vampire talk, you’re a great friend for coming to this chaos. 

Thank you to Hot Topic for entertaining and accommodating everyone, they were so attentive, and really knew how to work the crowd. Thank you to the CW for allowing the boys to come out to Miami and making it so very special for all the fans, and thank you to Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley for enduring such fan love!

Who went?  I want to hear from you, tell me all about your Ian and Paul moment.

Bargain Find $15.00 Dress


So while I waited for my nail appointment this weekend I wandered into some stores. These included such big names as Mad Rag and Navarro lol…I even went into Payless because the smell inside that place is intoxicating…or just toxic either way it brings back so many memories. A few minutes in Payless is guaranteed to bring up your spirits…its either that or a high off of the glue…I don’t really question it much, I just take a deep breath and pretend to browse…so back to business.

 I came across this cheap-y sweater dress which I think we can all agree is quite the cute dress however as much as I like the fit of a sweater dress there are a few things I’ve never understood like a sweater mini? Really? What exactly am I keeping warm? My torso? Wouldn’t the word sweater imply warmth? As you can tell I’m not very fond of mini dresses but they are hard to avoid these days and this particular dress won my heart because it has a pocket on the front…not big enough to fit my hands in, one definitely, but not two. The front pocket is very cute a-la 1990’s hoodie sweater.  I like this little Mad Rag number, it has a good spandex/cotton ratio so it clings just right but it was 15$ so I wouldn’t count on that extra snug fit after one wash (the downside to cheap fashion ladies) In conclusion yes, it may as well be disposable but what isn’t these days?

Big Fall Trends-Blazers/Vests/Jackets & Strips

Ponte Knit Blazer


I love the London look, if I could live in Europe I totally would, but for now I will settle for their fashion sense!  This is the style that never goes away, because while there are still Men alive, the Military is still enlisting and Weddings are still happening, this is a look that will always be in style!  Which one of these do you already own?


Double Layered Vest




Rounded Hem Stripe Blazer



Pinstripe Vest


Open Front Military Jacket


Strips are back in a big way and I must confess I love them always!

Striped Sequin Shoulder Crewneck


* all items are availbe at Charlotte

Monday’s Eye Candy- Corey Britz

If you know me then you know I am a sucker for musician’s and captivated by Bass players, especially tall dark and mysterious ones ;) however I am coming to grips with the thought that I won’t marry a bass player any time soon, but that isn’t going to stop me from featuring one.

I found myself in Tampa at the Ritz in Ybor for BUSH and surprisingly enough the show was a really good one.  I must admit that Gavin Rossdale has a lot of energy, more than I anticipated him to have.  I never thought of him as one to pump the crowd but boy was I completely wrong!  The minute the man ordered to turn off the air conditioner in the venue from backstage, I felt I was going to die.

I was under the impression that I would die in a room full of people packed liked a bunch of sardines.  Moreover I was two steps away from the front of the stage so I thought I would end up compressed to death due to the intense energy coming from this man, which seemed to be calling the nation behind me.  Needless to say I didn’t die and believe it or not the crowd behaved rather well, unlike the security guard in front of us; he was so rude pushing poor little Lori- as if we had any room to be pushed around in.

Anyways, it turned out to be an all around amazing night.  I was in a new place, with great company and I even met up with B, Thank you B it was great meeting you!  Now let me explain that during the show I had to divert my eyes a few times onto Gavin because he was completely in the way ;) but luckily I was able to set them back onto the bass player Corey Britz, I was mesmerized by him,  what a cutie!  Which brings me now to this; I am making him my personal pick for this Mondays Eye Candy?  Enjoy because I totally did.

Thanks Meli, Lori and Karina this was a great night!


Gavin branding Karina making her a FAN for life!

“I want a picture with dude” yes, that’s exactly how I said it…

Tampa, FL 2010

Big Fall Trends 2010-Cross Body Bag

Slideshow: Seventeen Majorly Cute Miniature Cross-Body Bags

This Seventeen Majorly Cute Miniature Cross-Body Bags is much too expensive to just wear as a trend.  So I will give you some ideas on a few Cross-Body Bags styles that you can wear all year round, and for a cheaper price.  A Cross body bags has never been the rage, and while I have been told men love them on women, it still doesn’t make them a must have item, until now.  I have always stuck to this style due to how hands free it can be, you never know when you might need to carry a child, pick up your girlfriends hair if need be, all while still holding your belongings and your pose.  I’m glad this Fall I won’t be the only one flashing one of these around the streets of Miami. 

Which one will you be sporting around your town?

L.A.M.B. Whitfield Crossbody L.A.M.B. Whitfield Crossbody

Heritage printed canvas tote 




Women’s Canvas Crossbody Bags