“Facebook” The Movie!


Boy is this quote true.  From the moment I sat on my chair I was completely taken by facebook the movie.  Its humor will have you laughing from beginning to end.  Now I’m not getting into details because I highly recommend you to go see it.  However I do suggest that you post, and invite those you have connected with via fb and watch this film together-tonight, because I guarantee you will love it.

Now let me just say that I had been anticipating this film for some time now, but I must admit that not knowing what kind of mockery was going to come out of it made me feel a bit nervous.  All of the nervousness is gone, this movie is fantastic.  There are many who don’t get why the social network scene is very much important.  It’s simple we all have different reasons as to why we’re on it to begin with. 

For a while I was hoping that it would bring some light to the “waste of time” others who aren’t on it say to those who are.  More importantly now, I don’t care anymore for those who think that social networking is a ridiculous way to spend ones time.  But whether you use it to keep in touch with old friends, distant family members,  those who are near, sharing, business, making new friends, or wanting to get laid; the point is that what you do with your network is interiorly up to you.  And no one needs to like it but you.  I know I’m full of opinions today, which is why I think you should go watch Social Network right now.