The One That Got Away

This all started years ago because my husband wasn’t allowed into the girls dressing room; since I get all my fashion tips from him I was in a bind… I started taking pictures of the outfits and emailing them to him (pre-iPhone picture text days) I soon had an archive of tons of fabulous outfits I’d either bought or completely forgotten about. Years later I started to post them in FB and soon caught the eye of fellow fashionista Wajima who insisted someone in the cyber world would love to see them too.  My name is Silvia and every Friday you’re going to see at least one outfit that I’ve chosen to share, either because of its absolute fabulousness or because the horror was too much to keep to myself. 


Now if anyone out there in cyber space knows where I can buy Victoria Beckhams clothes without spending about as much as a Toyota Camry would cost please let me know, until then I have to settle for low cost alternatives like this gorgeous DVF dress I found at Nordstrom Rack.  I didn’t take it home because  in all honesty folks this looks like every single cocktail dress I already own but I simply had to share. Anyone who is familiar with Mrs. Von Furstenberg’s flawless dresses knows that once you go DVF it’s very hard to turn back… very, very hard. Do it, I dare you. Another plus side to DVF is that it requires little tailoring (side note: by “little” I mean, it still needs tailoring just very little) and normally the colors are fabulous and easy to match with your favorite bag and or shoe.  If you’re anything like me and love classy sexy style but cant afford posh spice’s clothes do  yourself a favor and buy a DVF.