Big Fall Trends 2010-Cross Body Bag

Slideshow: Seventeen Majorly Cute Miniature Cross-Body Bags

This Seventeen Majorly Cute Miniature Cross-Body Bags is much too expensive to just wear as a trend.  So I will give you some ideas on a few Cross-Body Bags styles that you can wear all year round, and for a cheaper price.  A Cross body bags has never been the rage, and while I have been told men love them on women, it still doesn’t make them a must have item, until now.  I have always stuck to this style due to how hands free it can be, you never know when you might need to carry a child, pick up your girlfriends hair if need be, all while still holding your belongings and your pose.  I’m glad this Fall I won’t be the only one flashing one of these around the streets of Miami. 

Which one will you be sporting around your town?

L.A.M.B. Whitfield Crossbody L.A.M.B. Whitfield Crossbody

Heritage printed canvas tote 




Women’s Canvas Crossbody Bags


2 thoughts on “Big Fall Trends 2010-Cross Body Bag

  1. i’m obsessed with crossbody bags! When i was younger i called them messenger bags, but i guess that’s not what they are calling them these days.

    I love your LAMB pick. I recently purchased a LAMB crossbody bag. Looks like this:

    I got it on sale too, so i was pretty stoked about that. :-)

    I actually wish i had gotten a cuter smaller one that was a solid color, like blue or even a muted yellow. Even though mine is all neutral, it doesnt go with very much. Sort of stands out with everything i wear… I usually wear it with black and white..


    • The Bag you purchased is a beautiful accent piece to anything you put on. Since you like to wear cream, this will look fantastic. It will also look stunning with yellow, blue and even pink will make it look fab. Try those colors out, and let me know how it works out for you.


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