Bargain Find $15.00 Dress


So while I waited for my nail appointment this weekend I wandered into some stores. These included such big names as Mad Rag and Navarro lol…I even went into Payless because the smell inside that place is intoxicating…or just toxic either way it brings back so many memories. A few minutes in Payless is guaranteed to bring up your spirits…its either that or a high off of the glue…I don’t really question it much, I just take a deep breath and pretend to browse…so back to business.

 I came across this cheap-y sweater dress which I think we can all agree is quite the cute dress however as much as I like the fit of a sweater dress there are a few things I’ve never understood like a sweater mini? Really? What exactly am I keeping warm? My torso? Wouldn’t the word sweater imply warmth? As you can tell I’m not very fond of mini dresses but they are hard to avoid these days and this particular dress won my heart because it has a pocket on the front…not big enough to fit my hands in, one definitely, but not two. The front pocket is very cute a-la 1990’s hoodie sweater.  I like this little Mad Rag number, it has a good spandex/cotton ratio so it clings just right but it was 15$ so I wouldn’t count on that extra snug fit after one wash (the downside to cheap fashion ladies) In conclusion yes, it may as well be disposable but what isn’t these days?