Monday’s Eye Candy- Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder

A lot of you know I’m a sucker for pretty boys, and I thought it was totally appropriate for me to feature Ian Somerhalder for this Mondays Eye Candy. Obviously I was compelled by the man to do so over the weekend when I saw this handsome fella at the Hot Topic signing that took part at the Shops of Sunset Place.  I don’t think anyone will disagree, Right?   That man is absolutely gorgeous, I didn’t think it to be possibly with all the makeup and HD going on in the world but he was. And his eyes…let’s talk about these captivating wonders of the world.  How can anyone look into his eyes everyday and still function is beyond me.  They suck you in and take a hold on you like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and he houses them very well with that beautiful smile of his.  I can go on, and on and on about him, he is just that mesmerizing. If you haven’t come into contact with this man, prepare yourself for when you do, the man has an undying flirtatious demeanor inside of him and knows how to use it very well. Enjoy!







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