An Apple One Day Kept the Doctor Away.


So for the first time ever I had a very pleasant customer service experience, and would you believe it was with the Apple ITunes department.  I am the proud owner of 89,000 plus Albums give and take a few singles.  Now I’ve back up maybe 10% of the files but it’s such a tedious job that I decided to hold on backing up the rest of the music to my life, and well guess what happened next?  My computer was stolen by the kiss of death last week.  And I was unable to back up the rest of the music I had boxed in files inside the software; I’m talking about thousands and thousands of songs to my heart gone!  But the beautiful people of ITunes were able to restore 9 yrs worth of downloads.  Thank you apple for saving my soul, you have no idea what this means to me.  I promise I will take my time in backing up everything I buy from you, I know this phone call was a very long one.  :)

Has this ever happened to you?  Where you able to get them back?