Music for the Soul-Bruno Mars

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My friend S is obsessed with Bruno Mars today placing her obsession to Kanye West on a brief hold, and yes I said brief. You see her undying love for Kanye runs so deep that she will smack her mother over Kanye West.  Now having said that, let’s go back to Mars. What she loves most about Bruno is that he can bring any woman to that sensitive spot in her mind were even his teeth will get admiration.

Now as for me I had to take a listen, after all the only thing I was hearing was basically how cute he is and how perfect his mouth was. I was beginning to think he was just a (look at me) kind of guy. I’ve been exploring into R&B these past couple of days and I decided to give his pop a chance, and I have to say that after listening to his new album I can totally understand why all the women are going crazy over him.  His style is fresh and catchy, plus he gets brownie points for the complements he gives to women on his tracks; Bruno- that’s simply tasteful ma’ man. I really think he gets it, and this will sets him apart from a lot of the music out there with tasteless lyrics.  I really hope he can control his habits long enough to realize that he has something great going on here, keep writing all these poppy love songs Bruno cause it’s what women want!

Monday’s Eye Candy- Michael Buble


I happen to think that Michael Buble is the most adorable man alive.  And right now I find myself in the mood for some Michael bliss all over the place, he has such an amazing voice and it brings the holidays to a nice jump start.  A lot of people like to refer to Buble as the Frank Sinatra of our time, but I would happen to say that he reminds me of Dean Martin.  And I couldn’t help but to feature this lovely face just in time for the holidays.  Enjoy!





This is the time of year when we start to slow down for a moment to give thanks.  It’s a day we get to spend with those we love and remember all the fun memories we’ve had throughout the year, and the best part of it all is that we get to eat!

As I prepare the table and place the best looking turkey in the history of our family to date for us to enjoy, I want to wish everyone the best Thanksgiving ever.

I will be back next week for Monday’s Eye Candy, stay tuned I feel a nice one coming!

Mike Peralta


I came across Mike Peralta when I was trying to find a-way-out of my John detox after Mayer dropped his album on me last November.  I have yet to recover.  Moreover I possess a very strong liking for guitarist, I don’t know what it is about them that builds this passion inside me to appreciate music even more, perhaps it’s the way they hold this piece of instrument that completely draws me in, but whatever it maybe, that is exactly what Mike’s music did.  It brought me to a place where I started to appreciate listening as appose to hearing.  His music became part of the soundtrack to my sleepless nights.  It was all worth it, Thank you Mike.

Take a listen and let me know what you think, also head on over to twitter and follow him for some pretty funny and random tweets.



Monday’s Eye Candy- Randy Orton

Randy Orton


I know I’ve stated that I wasn’t into washboard abs (believe me I’m not) but I do have a thing for tall men with cocky attitudes who sport beasty looking tattoos.  Feast your eyes on my all time guilty pleasure Randy Orton.  Yes… I confess, I watch this gossip show fit for men, but can you blame me?  He is quite possibly the only reason why I would endure a wasteful hour of body slapping, tight pulling, head smacking, and trash talking not to mention body oil for the moment, just so that I can set my eyes on him for a few minutes.

I know what you must be thinking, I’m condoning this complete waste of TV space, this mind numbing hour of my life that I will never get back for the likes of catching him on a acted out wrestling match, but can you blame me, have you seen him?  I can’t help but turn to mooch when I see this 6’5 inch man take over my television, he is utterly divine and the only reason why I would undergo such torture.  Enjoy.

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Randy Orton