Monday’s Eye Candy- Adam Darling

Adam Darling

I came across Adam Darling by chance, (but I think it was meant to be) here is how.

Bob Reynolds (the Sax player for John Mayer) posted a comment on his fb via a twitter feed that read:

“Do you ever listen to complete albums anymore? Formats aside; I’m talking start to finish or even on repeat. #curious”

I commented with: Yes. Hello! Music is my universal language, and albums are my planets,  so why wouldn’t I?

By this time the list of notifications was swarming with lengthy comments from all over the world, and blowing up my phone beyond recognition. Everything was very routine until  Adam Darling came on leaving his thoughts on the page, and leaving me completely winded. Even the man’s name alone stood out like puffy hearts all over facebook.

So after doing my research, I come to find that Mr. Darling is… (WAIT FOR IT) Voila a, Musician!

His album is due out November 9th, by now you’re aware of this fad I have for musicians, and know that I live for all things music, and pretty. So with that said, I’m sure you can picture me falling over my chair when I came across this video.

However seeing that its Monday there’s a bigger reason for why he’s being featured on this post, this black hair and sultry eyes hunk of a man has had me doing circles in my head for days, leaving me with no choice but to feature him, Happy Monday ladies, Enjoy!