Monday’s Eye Candy-Michael Pitt

Michael Pitt

I’m a sucker for pretty boy; please believe me.  When I first came across this guy it was during the HBO movie “Last Days”, I was instantly taken by his beauty.  I don’t know if it was the tormented role of Blake that capture me or that I have a thing for DiCaprio look alike(s).   Perhaps the combination of both but I adored him right away.  Putting aside the resemblance there is one thing about Pitt that sets him apart from all who partake in this golden boy look, and that is well he can sing, and I think it’s projected beautifully on film.


Although his musical abilities have been placed on hold with his band (Pagoda) due to his acting career taking off, Pitt is currently in one of the hottest shows right now on HBO, Boardwalk Empire in which he plays tough guy Jimmy Damody.  I doubt he’ll keep his voice low for too long though.  I know you must be thinking another musician, but it’s hard to steer away from them long enough to focus on something else, I’m designed to be fascinated by them.  There’s just something about a musician; they are known for being hopeless romantics and poetic creatures by nature making it very easy for me to comprehend.  And it doesn’t hurt that they are good looking as well. This one is just downright pretty. Enjoy!