This Tory Burch number was a little too Austin Powers Vanessa Kensington to me, but my husband loved it and I can see how some girls out there given the right accessories and legs can pull this off.  However I posses neither of those things because I refuse to go to the gym and or buy jewelry…neither is really attractive to me. Still, there is some hope; an old friend once told me that the right pair of heels can make even my legs look good so you never know… 

I wasn’t in the mood to test this particular theory but if you have the right bag, the right necklace and/or bracelet, the right earrings or even the right legs and/or heels head on over to your nearest Nordstrom, or you can skip all the long lines and the chance that they’ve already run out, and go to Polyvore its called the “Julia printed silk dress” and it’s will run you $425.00!