I love listening to new bands, picking up new albums and even meeting the members of a new group just to see them thrive on to stardom; it makes it very special when you have been a part of it from the very beginning.   Now, I didn’t find this group at the start of the band, but I found them just in time to see what happens next, and believe me when I say; I can’t wait to see it all come together for them since they have become my very own personal band.  I’ve been listening to this group for over a year now; I found them by chance while storming thru the countless Indie artists’ on Itunes as I looked for something to keep me up during the endless nights I spent trying to finish my novel.  And I’m glad I did because it seems that I too have caught their eye on twitter making them my New BFFs of the World :)   I’m giddy about them just as much as I am giddy about chocolate, and you all know how much I love chocolate.  ILOVECHOCOLATE!  Allow me to introduce to you Rick, Eddie, and Patrick this is glo.  Thanks and your welcome!

I hope you enjoy this week’s choice of music,  glo has made it into my everyday playlist I hope they make it into yours.  Click to hear more on their MySpace, I should re-open my old MySpace account just for the new material coming in.  Enjoy!  :)

 Tell me what you think of them.

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