Monday’s Eye Candy- Randy Orton

Randy Orton


I know I’ve stated that I wasn’t into washboard abs (believe me I’m not) but I do have a thing for tall men with cocky attitudes who sport beasty looking tattoos.  Feast your eyes on my all time guilty pleasure Randy Orton.  Yes… I confess, I watch this gossip show fit for men, but can you blame me?  He is quite possibly the only reason why I would endure a wasteful hour of body slapping, tight pulling, head smacking, and trash talking not to mention body oil for the moment, just so that I can set my eyes on him for a few minutes.

I know what you must be thinking, I’m condoning this complete waste of TV space, this mind numbing hour of my life that I will never get back for the likes of catching him on a acted out wrestling match, but can you blame me, have you seen him?  I can’t help but turn to mooch when I see this 6’5 inch man take over my television, he is utterly divine and the only reason why I would undergo such torture.  Enjoy.

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Randy Orton
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