What’s your Trend?


I’m really into hipsters, without knowing it; I favor this style in many ways; the cardigans, the slim fitted jeans, the hat, the hair and even the eye wear.  I remember someone saying to me, let me check out your IPod, and when I handed it over, they looked at me and said, for what you put on your fb page I wouldn’t have known you were a hipster.  Say WHAT?  I’m into the indie shit, a lot of underground music that hasn’t made it here yet, however that doesn’t make me a HIPSTER.    I know I would rather see a local artist who gets down then walk into an art gallery.  I much rather wear a dress and boots, but I can also hold it down with some sneakers.  But does that really make anyone anything?  Which bring me too the next point, I have lost my passion for sneakers for the love of pretties on my feet, and I’m retracting my steps back to the kicks.  I came across these Nikes the other day and I just feel in love, and I remember sending the picture out and the response was: those are so you, you’re such a hipster.  There it is again.  No—I am not.  But what I do know is how stylish anything can be with a nice pair of kicks.

I don’t believe one must have the look to be (IN), but I do believe that one should make their own style as they see fit. I wear whatever I want!  It doesn’t matter it all depends on how I feel that day.  Just yesterday I had on a very Rita Hayworth look, because I woke up feel CHARMING.  Today it’s back to basics, Jeans a tank and some flip flops. 

Whats your style like?

2 thoughts on “What’s your Trend?

  1. i dont even know how to sum up my style. Probably better done by an outsider looking in, but i’d say its a mix of lots of things. I always gravitate towards “simple outfits”, “all neutral outfits” and “monochromatic outfits”. I love wearing cream, white, black, gray, brown, and multiple shades of these colors.

    To make up for the lack of color and craziness, I buy clothing with lots of interesting detail. I love details!!! I tend to shy away from trends, but embrace classic styles and silhouettes b/c i am a thrifty shopper and like it when my clothes lasts as long as possible. :-/

    Sometimes i think that makes me look boring, so i try to add in some unique shoes or jewelry.

    I think if i had lots of money i would dress much crazier! But, i’m practical and do what i can with what i have.

    My favorite styles are boho chic, 70’s glam, and anything high fashion! I live in Austin, TX, and its VERY casual here. Flip flops year round and 8 months out of the year you are wearing a sun dress or something b/c its so HOTT. So, my lifestyle certainly affects my wardrobe…

    I always tell ppl that your wardrobe should reflect your lifestyle and so it changes with your life. That’s the fabulous thing about style; you get to experiment and change it up all the time because its a living breathing thing because its a reflection of you!

    BTW- those sneakers ROCK!! Check out this photo i took of my friend’s shoes.. I think you will like them too..

    Good post!


  2. Thank you for taking the time to write back, I really appreciate your input. I live in Miami and it’s hard to keep up with the style here since it changes a lot, and most of the times its pretty in your face. Here the style is mostly not about whom you are, it’s pretty much how you look. So I usually go with whatever makes me happy that day.

    By the way… those are some nice looking Puma’s your friend is rocking! :)


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