The Sunflower


It was interesting how this book came out of no where.  Some would say it was by luck, others may say it was coincidence.  I just happened to think it was life letting me know, it was paying attention.  Last week I had posted on fb that I needed a new book to get into, maybe one that I won’t be able to put down.  A book that I’ll lose sleep over, a book that will take my breath away… Do you know of such a book?  Then I was tagged to a book swap Club on JMMA and well the hunt for a book took off. 

Wednesday morning I found myself at Barnes & Nobel and when I stepped inside there it was, sitting on the floor next to another book by the same author, both awaiting to be displaced for the Christmas holiday season, bith called out to me.  However I walked over to The Sunflower picking it up.  As I came home I went and checked the mail box, and what do I happen to find, a package.  I opened it and inside was the book that sat on the floor next to the book I had purchased earlier that morning, with a note that read: Saw this and thought of you.  If you can sink your heart into anything this season let it be this book.

 Now I have the twobook’s, and  let me just clarify that I haven’t spoken to this person in forever and I don’t have them on my fb either so they couldn’t have stumbled upon my post.   Anyways I started The Sunflower immediately that night, and had to force myself to put it down because of the Thanksgiving Day festivities approaching ever so quickly by the hour.  I prepared my home, welcomed my guest and once everyone called it a night, at 2am I opened up the Sunflower and again I couldn’t put it down.  5 am? Last time I read a book till all hours of the night  it was the Twilight Saga.  With every page a beam of light, with every chapter clarity; I’m glad I came across the story of Paul Cook and what it truly means to take a chance.

 Can’t wait to read the Christmas Box.  Have you read any of the books by Richard Paul Evans?