The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans


I feel as if I’m going through a Richard Paul Evans movement.  He’s books have come into my life just at the right time.  A friend of mine had recommended The Last Promise to me about a year ago, and I felt I didn’t have the energy to sit with an author that was going to move me to tears.  With all due respect it’s not that I can’t handle the tears, it’s just that I didn’t feel like shedding them at that point in time, which bring us to date.  I finished reading the Sunflower  last week and on the contrary, it didn’t bring water works, but it did move my heart in a way I never thought possible with a book.  For every little paper held stacked with words, magical places wrapped up with love and heart break I have learned with time that not all books will ever be the same, not all books have the (have to save the girl) ending that most of them do.  Each have a different way of telling a story, and Evans has a way of not only walking into your mind, but settling very swiftly into your heart making a long lasting impression.  This is a story about girls saves boy.  Now thats my kind of story.  Now at this moments I’m reading the Christmas Box and I am recommending that  each and everyone of you go pick it up, it’s a beautiful story just  for the Holidays.


Seasons Greetings Everyone! 

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