It’s a Privilege not a Right!



The other day while shopping at our home away from home, Barney’s. My husband and I chatted up one of our favorite Barney’s employees, Alex (Carlos, I love you too boo) I looked off into the distance and saw these…I was tempted to touch and I found that they are the softest pair of jeans I’ve ever held in my hands but the biggest size available was a size 26. I’m not afraid to say that I am NOT a size 26 and my # 1 rule to looking fabulous at all times is that I refuse to squeeze into anything!  If they don’t have my size I always go bigger and have it taken in.  I turned to Alex and in a defeated voice said, “they are perfect but they are not my size” Alex, encouraged that I try them on anyway and thank god he did! (You hear that Barney’s managers Alex always makes a sale…always)…ladies they are exquisitely soft like leggings but they have pockets like jeans.  

Now, I know I’m super late on this but apparently they are known, as “JEGGINGS” and they are amazing! Like I said, I don’t encourage this with any piece of clothing especially jeans but you can even size down like I did for a snug fit and because of their high spandex content you won’t look like a muffin.  I swear I invented these in the 90’s but as most of my inventions go I didn’t have the resources or connections. What a hot commodity! Run don’t walk to your nearest Barney’s and pick up a pair. The brand is EVER. These “jeggings” are so comfortable you can literally sleep in them, then wake up in the morning and brush your teeth with a bottle of jack.