Monday’s Eye Candy- “McDreamy” Patrick Dempsey

Back when Greys Anatomy first started I had fallen in awe with Patrick Dempsey all over again.  When the Season finally “Death and All His Friends” came to an emotional end with a massive shooting rampage I was completely in shock by the way they had left it off on the show.  I was still recovering from George, and now McDreamy was shot.  McDreamy was going to die.  McDreamy is my reason for watching Greys.  I’m glad the writers gave him another go; moreover I’m glad he decided to stay.

I’ve adored this man from the moment I saw him in the 1989 movie Loverboy Young and goofy, still trying to fit in.  I adore him still as the charming and respectable surgeon he plays on TV; in every sense of the word Patrick Dempsey is hot.  Not in a (Omgod Becky) look at him hot, but in a: his eyes draw you in, his smile takes over your existence in a heartbeat, and his hair is fabulous… HOTT

Here is my little tribute to McDreamy.  Enjoy!

Trivia by IMDB

Every episode of the show is named after a famous song. “Death and All His Friends” is off the album ‘Viva la Vida’ by Coldplay.

Greys Anatomy Mcdreamy