Hello Kitty Trend


Remember when sillybandz where the craze?  I’m so guilty of the hair arm pulling trend, I am the proud owner a set of John Mayer Sillybandz.  Well it just so happens that the arm accessories are making it BIG in 2011 not only are big bangles and thin bracelet’s together a must have but so are these Hello Kitty watches.  I am already at the top of this trend thanks to my friend S who gave me this beautiful Chococate watch from Mcdonalds, but if you have not found yourself heading to the drive thru for these babies then you are missing out.  I know what you must be thinking…seriously, a Mcdonalds’s happy meal toy for girls? YES!  What, did you for get the sillybandz already?  Anyhow chances are if you haven’t gotten one you are shit out of luck, because there are going as fast as the food chain that is selling them.  So if you found yourself a pair of the must have watches in town, great!  If not then you know you are looking to pay a pretty expensive penny for anything hello kitty.  I know someone who paid $600.00 for a hello kitty watch…I KNOW!  Don’t be alarm I’m sure you can find them cheap on ebay, or on amazon come next year.

Happy hunting!!