DIY-Wrapping Paper Tubes and Boots!

Now that Christmas has come and gone, Thankgoodness!  You are probably wondering what you should do with all the empty wrapping paper tubes you have lying around the house… Well think no more.  Here is a super cuqi idea for all those extra tubes, plus look at it this way; you are helping the environment by recycling. 

Did you get a nice looking pair of boots from Santa this year?  Do you want to get rid of the box they came in?  If you are anything like me and or Carrie Bradshaw… then you too like to have your pretties were you can see them, displayed in your closet for an everyday view. 

Take a long wrapping paper tube cut that sucker in half make sure both half’s are the same size, zip up your boots, place those bad boys in, and Voila.  Your boots will maintain their perfect shape for as long as you are willing to have those babies in there.   Try it and let me know how it goes.