Looking back on 2010 and Welcoming 2011!



As the minutes count down to the biggest event of the year, it’s time to reflect on the things that made 2010 worth remembering. 


the Heartbreak.


the Musical of the year.



the best food ever eaten.


 the biggest names.



 the Best movie.



  the upbeat album.



The Best Show.


 Favorite book.


the best Summer Concert of a life time.


  the road trips you”ll never forget.



the best outfit you’ve ever worn.

 The  crush we let get away, the many friends we made throughout the year, those who for some reason were just simply left behind, the ones we’ve lost, the dreams we’ve had, the relationships that gained and the ones that failed.  Everything is marked in a day in a life of a year.  However, what is the one thing that stands out in 2010 for me? 

 Well it would have to be the day life opened the door to all sorts of possibilities.  It was the day when I had to face myself again, and remind my inner soul that there is nothing I can’t do.  This year has brought many challenges, some easier than others but all in all they each taught me something worth remembering…

That no matter what you do, where you go what you have or what you have yet to hold, that you are never alone.

When I look back on the years I want to remember all the good that will forever out weight the bad, that when I look back I can say: Wow, I left some pretty cool ass trails.

May the New Year bring you lots of health, happiness, wealth, joy and above all… love.  Because once you have obtained all of this, you have found the true meaning of Peace.

Have a safe and Happy New Year’s everyone!