Monday’s Eye Candy – Mark Ronson

20090721060500 Who remembers Buddy Holly?  Well meet Mark Ronson the Buddy Holly DJ of our generation. IMO.  I’m sure you’ve heard of him by now, both his twin sisters are famous; one for a clothing line and the other Samantha Ronson for dating that crazy girl from the Parent Trap, Uyy.  Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of his brief romances’ with some of UK’s and Hollywood’s young starlets, however here is one thing you didn’t know about Mark…he completely owns my heart.  While my love for musicians isn’t hidden very well, I am on a different level and find it hard to resist DJ’s… that’s no secret.  My passion for music comes from the appreciation for the DJ’s who create more out of what we listen too.  I like hearing a song that an artist puts out; moreover I get a rise out of hearing a DJ spin it their own way.  I am all over him.  







You can catch Ronson on Authentic Sh*t broadcasting live from NY Friday night’s on East Village Radio , just in case you’re anything like me and stay home a lot, then go-check-it-out as he spins music into your soul.  Also, for my people in the UK, Mark is set to go on tour with Duran Duran, tickets went on sale Friday (January 28) so grab a pair before they run out, because I hear it’s going to be HOTT!

Jay Loftus

I came across this kid when I went onto the JMMA page.  A fellow JMMAer posted a link to one of his songs, and I of course was all over it.  For one: “baby John?” Indeed, his resemblance to Johnny struck, and I have to admit it was the ONLY reason why I even continued to (take a closer look) lol ;)   Now, this tells me that young men are paying close attention to Mayer’s talent, and taking his music into consideration.  The John influence in strong in this one.

Here is a video of him re-doing Rihanna’s- Only Girl.  It’s super sweet and to be honest it doesn’t matter what he sounds like right about now, because this guy is so adorable.

I love coming across new talent, but this time I have to give a big ol’ Thank you to my fellow JAMMAer Firsty for finding the lovely and talented Loftus.

What do you think?

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As I was lying in bed Friday morning I tuned in to the Today show and just in time to witness this beautiful man with a violin.  How did I miss this six foot gorgeous man before is beyond me.  Do you know how glad I am to have found him? No? Well, let me tell you… I love music, and moreover I love classical music, it’s my go to sound during dinner and holiday preparations.  So can you picture me jumping from a lying down position to on my feet in a flash from all the joy?  Because I couldn’t believe the AWESOME that was streaming from my television into my room.  I went straight for the laptop and onto itunes to get this man’s new album Rock Symphonies.  Yes, that’s right I said Rock Symphonies, Garrett has interpreted his favorite rock anthems by U2, Metallica, Nirvana and many more all with his violin.  I am in LOVE!

Now, if you so happen to find yourself in the Greater Miami area during the month of love, then you’ll be happy to know that Mr. Garrett will be performing February 25th, 2011 at  Gusman Center for the Performing Arts .  Thank you and your welcome :)


Rihanna What’s My Name? ft. Drake

Rihanna Ft Drake Remix

After a woman ends a bad relationship there’s always something that will bring her back… stronger and wiser.  Rihanna proves just that in her album LOUD.  I spent a week listening to this jam-full album because every where I turned people were ranting and raving about it, so I decided to give it ago.  And I have to admit that her words are louder than ever.

Tuesday’s Special Edition- Ashton Kutcher + 1


Ashton Kutcher has come a long way…remember the days of the tall lanky goofy kid from PUNK’D, who knew how to really get on people nerves, who went on to do that 70’s show, which landed him…(No!), not another movie role,  geeeeeeeez …Demi Moore?? Which made him even hotter that brought on the very R rated film called “Spread“?

Well he’s no longer goofy, and although it was hard to find a really good picture of Ashton by himself, I figured why not throw in some really good pictures of him looking mighty HOTT next to is lovely wife who has attached him to her hips for the last six years.   Anyways, while the Kutcher’s are on their own private tour for world peace, building the online networks in Russia,  finding the end to human slavery and raising money for Malaria, you’d think to yourself how doooooes he do it?  Well you know what they say, the couple that plays together stays together…we should all learn something from these two. 

Either way, I thought it was perfect to feature them, seeing that Mr. Kutcher has done it yet again, bring out another funny romantic comedy, co-starring next to the pretty wonderful Natalie Portman, in “No Strings Attached” (Does that EVER workout?)anyways, the movie is due out at the end of this month, just in time for Valentine’s.


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (Pic:Getty)