Monday’s Eye Candy-A Power House

I’m starting of the year with a double bang, what can I say…? I’m that type of girl.  I’m pretty sure that by now most of you have had a mental affair with one of these two boys, but I have to confess that over the years I have had a mental affair with both!

Let me start of by admitting that my first love is and always will be Donnie Wahlberg, and while the world didn’t seem to be ready for such a bad boy like him, it didn’t leave much room for me to be any good when his brother showed off his junk on a very controversial CK commercial.  HELLO!

You know I’m right, the universe was never prepared, and I hope that the little planet we call home has gottent it’s shit together because the dynamic duo is taking over 2011 by storm.  Donnie is back on tour with the original crew of NKOTB and hitting the road with The Backstreet Boys check for tour dates and cities near you, while Mark is taking over HBO with yet another hit series under his belt: Boardwalk Empire.   What can I say, this is the year of the power house better known as The Wahlberg’s.






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