For the Love of typing!


I remember when my grandfather moved into our home.  The
first thing he brought down from the car was his typewriter.
He set the very black, heavy thing on a desk
in the long hallway of the house
that divided the livingroom from the kitchen.
He turned to me and said: Mimi let me introduce you
to my love.  You can use it if you’d like, just be
kind to her, she is very fragile.  But don’t
be scared to type away.
This was before internet.  Before anything that
 made you think less and move gast fast. This was during
 the time of long phone calls,  hand written letters
and when getting together really mattered.
This was the time when i had typed up my first play.
Now, I have been on a mission in finding the perfect typewriter…
I have been on the soul mission since I decided to go
 vintage 3 years ago.  The first thing that came into
the house was a rotary dial antique phone.
Then I was spoiled with the best present at the moment…
a record player, spreading the gift of sound into my heart.
Over the summer I  hit several locations in search of the
perfect typewriter, and I'm happy to report that the
search is still on.  Its like finding the eight right
pair of shoes, you don't want to jump on just anything
that's not going to look right on your feet...are you?  
However here are a few of my favorite pictures of
those lovly lovely punching circles, stomping music
to my fingers, and lovers of my hands.





Now let me just add that if I can't for
whatever reason find myself

a typewriter I love, then I'll just have to
settle for this pretty little touch of love. 
Which I already own thanks to lunashineshine over at
It will hold me over, till I find the love of my hands.