Tuesday’s Special Edition- Ashton Kutcher + 1


Ashton Kutcher has come a long way…remember the days of the tall lanky goofy kid from PUNK’D, who knew how to really get on people nerves, who went on to do that 70’s show, which landed him…(No!), not another movie role,  geeeeeeeez …Demi Moore?? Which made him even hotter that brought on the very R rated film called “Spread“?

Well he’s no longer goofy, and although it was hard to find a really good picture of Ashton by himself, I figured why not throw in some really good pictures of him looking mighty HOTT next to is lovely wife who has attached him to her hips for the last six years.   Anyways, while the Kutcher’s are on their own private tour for world peace, building the online networks in Russia,  finding the end to human slavery and raising money for Malaria, you’d think to yourself how doooooes he do it?  Well you know what they say, the couple that plays together stays together…we should all learn something from these two. 

Either way, I thought it was perfect to feature them, seeing that Mr. Kutcher has done it yet again, bring out another funny romantic comedy, co-starring next to the pretty wonderful Natalie Portman, in “No Strings Attached” (Does that EVER workout?)anyways, the movie is due out at the end of this month, just in time for Valentine’s.


Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (Pic:Getty)









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