Jay Loftus

I came across this kid when I went onto the JMMA page.  A fellow JMMAer posted a link to one of his songs, and I of course was all over it.  For one: “baby John?” Indeed, his resemblance to Johnny struck, and I have to admit it was the ONLY reason why I even continued to (take a closer look) lol ;)   Now, this tells me that young men are paying close attention to Mayer’s talent, and taking his music into consideration.  The John influence in strong in this one.

Here is a video of him re-doing Rihanna’s- Only Girl.  It’s super sweet and to be honest it doesn’t matter what he sounds like right about now, because this guy is so adorable.

I love coming across new talent, but this time I have to give a big ol’ Thank you to my fellow JAMMAer Firsty for finding the lovely and talented Loftus.

What do you think?

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