Monday’s Eye Candy – Mark Ronson

20090721060500 Who remembers Buddy Holly?  Well meet Mark Ronson the Buddy Holly DJ of our generation. IMO.  I’m sure you’ve heard of him by now, both his twin sisters are famous; one for a clothing line and the other Samantha Ronson for dating that crazy girl from the Parent Trap, Uyy.  Now, I’m sure you’ve heard of his brief romances’ with some of UK’s and Hollywood’s young starlets, however here is one thing you didn’t know about Mark…he completely owns my heart.  While my love for musicians isn’t hidden very well, I am on a different level and find it hard to resist DJ’s… that’s no secret.  My passion for music comes from the appreciation for the DJ’s who create more out of what we listen too.  I like hearing a song that an artist puts out; moreover I get a rise out of hearing a DJ spin it their own way.  I am all over him.  







You can catch Ronson on Authentic Sh*t broadcasting live from NY Friday night’s on East Village Radio , just in case you’re anything like me and stay home a lot, then go-check-it-out as he spins music into your soul.  Also, for my people in the UK, Mark is set to go on tour with Duran Duran, tickets went on sale Friday (January 28) so grab a pair before they run out, because I hear it’s going to be HOTT!