Autism Speaks 2011

Team: It Starts with LOVE


I want to thank everyone who made it out for Autism Speaks yesterday, and I also want to thank those who weren’t able to come out and join us, but were generous enough to donate on behalf of our team.  Every year I am humbled by the amount of people raising money for Autism Speaks thru It Starts with Love.  Our team fundraising goal last year was $400.00 and we raised $550.00 for Autism Speaks.  This year our team fundraising goal was $550.00 and as of this morning we have surpassed our goal raising $896.00 for Autism Speaks research! 

I want to express that my heart smiles to the sight of those who came out, and risked getting a farmers tan under the glowing sun to stand side by side and walk among us.  Thank you to all for giving, reaching out and spreading the word, and most importantly never forget that it always Starts With LOVE. 

I can’t wait for Autism Speaks 2012.

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I normally don’t do concert reviews but this calls for one.  Friday night I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the most talented Violinists of our time, David Garrett who brought his Rock Symphony to Miami.  I have to admit that I was a bit surprised at the turn-out which was revealed only after we took our seats, (since there were merely four people waiting outside with us for the doors to open at the Gusman Theater for the Performing Arts) I have never experience a vase crowd like this before; I’m talking from children aspiring to be musicians, to teens on dates, to fathers with daughters, and grandparents alike together in one place, for music, after all…music is the universal language.  I was taken back when I lifted my head to find that the venue was completely sold-out, giving me the sense that this man is a big deal after all.

Now you have to experience his talent first hand, but unfortunately for you, if you weren’t a part of the lucky ones sitting at the Gusman Center, then you’ve missed out on an amazing show because it was the last leg of the North American tour.  :( I know.  David and his band have managed to stream Classical music, and combine it with Rock creating his own poetry of symphonies for all to enjoy.  :sigh:   This was truly a wonderful event, and I recommend for you to catch him then next time he comes around because it’s worth every moment.

I don’t mean to get all fan-girl on you but allow me to explain how breathtaking it was, and I’m not just saying that because I have a massive crush on Garrett.  However he truly is magnificent!  He was very charming interacting with the crowd.  Funny…his humor was beaming throughout the isle of the Gusman Theater Friday night.  And tall… so tall…that the man was towering over the stage even when he sat down to speak, and beautiful, so very beautiful that even sitting from a far he glowed with his smile which never faded from his lips.  Moreover the best part of Garrett is how humble he is when he’s not playing the violin.  Simply Perfect.

Now on a side note, the Gusman Theater is set to close its doors permanently to due to low funding; and the only thing that will keep it from closing the curtains for good, is if we all get involved.  If you’ve been inside this theater then you know it is truly a beautiful place, and one of Miami’s historical Theatrical.  We found ourselves in awe over how breathtaking it is, and couldn’t stop talking about how amazing the architectural work is inside ( I never talk about architectural work) however, it would be a shame to see this place close its doors for good because there aren’t enough people supporting the performing arts.  If you know bands that are trying to get a place for a gig and or know of a theatrical group looking for a new home, then this would truly be a place for all.

Music for the Soul-Mat Kearney

Mat Kearney came into my life during the time I was preparing for my wedding, and he should’ve been my top choice for the wedding song but let’s just say (hero’s do abandon) …anyways.  I think he has the most comforting voice in the world, and will ease any worries one might have about the universe.  I have fallen asleep to his music plenty of times, and I’ve also found that when I do, I’ve  had the most amazing dreams, and when I wake up I feel like I’m on top of the world.  I dare you to try; I dare you to have a happy day!  

Tuesday’s Edition-Timothy Olyphant!

You may know him as Timothy Olyphant, but I know him as Casper.  How handsome has this man gotten throughout the years?  Who can forget when he played the tongue pierced 20 something guy in Sex and the City?  I can’t…he is delish, and making quite a name for himself in I Am Number Four; his looks can keep me alive anytime.




Timothy Olyphant Pictures

Music for the Soul- Red Car Wire


Remember Blink 182? Well they had kids…lol… I totally forgot I had these guys in my mix of music, and I came across them when I decided to play all 150,000+ albums on my itunes.  I think they are still super fresh, and funky cool.  Plus I believe that you’d enjoy them during your spring cleaning this year, so go ahead and get their albums, doesn’t matter which one, both are pretty awesome if you’re into cardiac inducing music like me while you clean!

             Red Car Wire -Timing Just Isnt Your Thing

GRAMMYs Take Over LA!


While the talk of the GRAMMYs was: “What is Lady Gaga wearing” I was looking forward to two things: John Mayer and Eminem.  Before you roll your eyes at me, like Marc Anthony did to JLo last night, let me explain.  I haven’t seen Mayer in five months, (NO) pictures on the web do NOT count, so it was nice seeing him again.  Moreover Eminem, wow…his performance last night left me so pumped up that I couldn’t even begin to explain how hard it was for me to fall asleep last night.  What an amazing show the GRAMMYs gave, hands down the best I have ever seen.  Here are my highlights of last night’s event. 





Rihanna’s dress was amazing.


Easter Bunny came early this year and left a little Gaga on the red carpet. LOVE!


Cee Lo Green, decked out in full feather form, performed hit 'F--k You' with Gwyneth Paltrow.

Perez’s pet was let loose at the GRAMMYs


OMG! Best performance of the night! 


 Mayer looked so sweet last night (despite of the Depp comparisons he had been getting as of late, which I would like to know who the hater was that started that mess, because it’s getting OLD!) 



How awesome that Arcade Fire  The Suburbs won Album of the Year?!?



And the best dress goes to Kelly Osbourne who looked stunning  in a Tadashi Shoji’s, amazing!


What were yours?

Confessions of a Valentine Heart- For: the Girls From: Hollywood!

Come on ladies you didnt think I would leave you out, did you? Well here are my top sexy men choice’s for Cupid 2011, thank you for sharing your boys with me girls.  Happy Valentine’s Day girls, Enjoy!




Johnny Depp




Confessions of a Valentine Heart – For: the BOYS From: Hollywood.


I’ve had a lot of messages these past couple of weeks regarding my Monday’s eye candy post.  Now, it’s safe to say that it’s coming from my male readers out there, who unbeknownst to me have been feeling very much left out on the eye candy edition, so here is to the male population that comes in from time to time, I give you my top 10 sexy ladies choice for Cupid 2011.  Happy Valentine’s Day boys, Enjoy!

Minka Kelly


Jessica Alba
Emmanuelle Chriqui

Katy Perry


Sofia Vergara
Selita Ebanks


Cheryl Cole
Scarlett Johansson


Candice Swanepoel


My New Found Crush- DRAKE.


I know…its old, but it’s deep.  Listening to him is like listening to a book for the (ready to know what a man’s world is about) insightful.  The way he spit’s game is exactly what you should run away from, but it’s so-in-your-face, that you can’t help but to jump right into it with full force.  I am having Drake overload.  somebody stop me! 

  ♡   drake-find-your-love1 









Oh and P.S. Please don’t tell Jay-Z!