Telling a story thru the eye of a 13th Witness

Some of you may know him as “Timmy” the guy John would talked to a lot when doing his 2 am chats via Ustream,  However I have been following 13th Witness a little longer than most, before he hit the road with Mayer during his Battle Studies winter tour and became the (it) guy among Mayer fans, simply because John said so, before he ventured out and displayed his work in Reed Space, and before some jumped on the witness train.  I have been a fan of his work for a little over two years.  I’m sure you’ve seen the feeds I have put up in the past regarding 13th Witness, and Levi Maestro aka Maestro knows, however one particularly post will stand out to most, for the reason that it has everything to do with the man who’s opened the door to us hopeless romantics, now here is a few things you haven’t seen… perhaps you did and didn’t know who was behind the work, or you just didn’t know there was such a thing, so allow me to show you a few pieces of the work that I have grown to appreciate over time.  This is Timothy McGurr aka 13th Witness.