Autism Speaks 2011

Team: It Starts with LOVE


I want to thank everyone who made it out for Autism Speaks yesterday, and I also want to thank those who weren’t able to come out and join us, but were generous enough to donate on behalf of our team.  Every year I am humbled by the amount of people raising money for Autism Speaks thru It Starts with Love.  Our team fundraising goal last year was $400.00 and we raised $550.00 for Autism Speaks.  This year our team fundraising goal was $550.00 and as of this morning we have surpassed our goal raising $896.00 for Autism Speaks research! 

I want to express that my heart smiles to the sight of those who came out, and risked getting a farmers tan under the glowing sun to stand side by side and walk among us.  Thank you to all for giving, reaching out and spreading the word, and most importantly never forget that it always Starts With LOVE. 

I can’t wait for Autism Speaks 2012.

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