Monday’s Eye Candy- Tiësto


I had to come back and add a final touch to this Monday’s Eye Candy spot, just because of the phenomenal festivities that have now turned my city back to normal; back to BORING sunny and humid Miami.  I was pondering ways to finish off the massive events that took over the streets of Downtown, and South Beach.  Now I honestly couldn’t think of a better way to end the WMC, WMF and ULTRA than with the very talented and undeniably good-looking, Tiesto..


Save the Gusman Center!


If you love me and or cherish me in anyway, adore me or simply just can’t stand me… then that’s all fine, but while you’re add it, can you do this as well?  I’m not asking for money for a charity this time, I’m asking for a moment out of your busy schedule to save the future of the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.  If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll remember the post where I spoke about going to see David Garrett at the Gusman.  Well, the Center has been looking for ways to keeps its doors open however there’s just not enough funding.  It’s also kind of hard to provide for it when you have the AAA a few blocks down, and the Arsht Center not too far from it as well, which takes away from little places  such as this around the Downtown area.  

Like I had mentioned in my previous post, this would be a perfect place for new bands, and theatrical show…I’m thinking, something along the lines of a small Broadway thing, Miami is full of actors, I’m sure there is a group out there whiling to call this, home?  Its big enough for any local artist, or bands who are looking to Rock out in an intimate setting without having to worry about not selling enough tickets, but if you don’t get involved this theater will close its doors at the end of March, and that’s way too soon and completely saddens me.  Save the Arts people, and with your signature it can be done, a little goes a long way.

It takes less than 30 seconds to express your support for a bright new future for the historic Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.
Please use and share the link below. 

Item is on City Commission agenda on Thursday, March 24th!

Thank you and I’m curtin that the people who are working hard to keep the doors open at Gusman, thank you as well.  :)

Monday’s Eye Candy- DJ A-Trak

As I took to twitter in search of new music to share with you guys, I came out of my search feeling slightly disappointed.  I have a lot of “Musicians” on there and only but a few have links on the twitter page.  I have already feature some of the ones that follow me, and I’m still looking for something to catch my ear…needless to say this left me all bummed out, until I decided to go with a DJ.  After all they are my favorite kind of people in the world, and without them the clubs don’t stand a chance.  So without further ado let’s get onto my top pick for this Monday’s Eye Candy, and Music for the Soul.  I’m killing two birds with one stone here this week.  Enjoy!





Dont forget to catch DJ A-Trak when he brings Fool’s Gold to Miami on the 26 of March.  It’s a free event so get your RSVP on time people!

If you didnt know…you better ask somebody!


A Supermoon took over the night illuminating the skies, did you see it?  Everyone knows that I have a love hate relationship with the moon.  Some nights it’s pretty, some nights it simply breathtaking, and then there are some nights where we just don’t see eye to eye, but overall it’s stunning to watch.

If you’re a moon lover like I am, then  you understand that there’s something beautiful about this big ball of light that orbits us.  When we have to many question running through our minds, it only take a glance and then we find all the answers; we look for hope, and even in the hardest of times we are able to find peace.  Isn’t that lovely? 

Now, while some went off to bed because it seemed as though the moon was the same it had always been, others took to the streets to enjoy the spectacular show of the night sky.  It just so happens that a few of my friends took their habits to the streets of Miami, capturing this magnificent moon.

Taken by yours truly with my BB over Hammocks Blvd.  Normally it looks like a bright dot in the sky with my phone :)



Photo by Monica  taken over Miami lakes


Freedom Tower

Photo by Edin “Freedom Tower” snapped in Downtown Miami


The moon by others on different parts of the world.


If you have any pictures from last night’s Supermoon share them with us on the comments below.  I would love to see the images from allover the world.



I know right now it’s hard to see picutres of what Japan used to look like just a few weeks back…I am praying that they finds their beauty once more, however they can’t do it without our help.  In the wake of the recent earthquake that caused a tsunami leaving thousands homeless, and hundreds dead, I felt that I had to do something to help.  So with out a doubt, I automatically grabbed my phone, and texted 90999 to the REDCROSS giving $10.00 to the aid for Japan.  I also participated in the ReTweet by Bing on twitter.  But still I felt it wasn’t enough.  So I went online, and came across a few artists who are going that extra mile for those affected by the recent disaster.

Jack Johnson has donated $50.000 to GlobalGiving’s Japan relief fund.

My buddy Mike Peralta is donating 75%  of the net profits directly to the Red Cross, when you buy his
  mp3 music pack.


Bing and RyanSeacrest came up with an easy way to raise money for victims in Japan using twitter.  For every RT, Bing will give $1 to the quake victims offering as much as 100K, go here for more information, 


“Demi Lovato has donated $1 million dollars to the Japan tsunami relief.” I’m sure this is a rumor, but just having her name being put on something good right now, will be a nice thing for a change.  Either way, believe  it or not, hopefully this will encourage more adolescents to get involved.  I know that not everyone has a million dollars to donate, moreover I understand that this amount of money can go a long way, but so can a car wash for $5 a car. 

Now I’m asking all of you to help out in some way by simply posting if you know of any musicians who are putting together shows to aid Japan in your area, also if you know of any organizations that are coming together and doing a drop off to send to Japan, I ask that you please add their information on the comment box below. 

  Thank you all in advance.   Love & Light.

Dior: Galliano…”You Are FIRED!”

The world of fashion is going to hell! News broke at the beginning of the month that John Galliano was fired from the house of Dior; leaving no one but my friend S, and I completely astound.  Can we have his job?  Anyways, here is where I have a BIG problem; just because you make the clothes, and its fabulous doesn’t mean you’re God like, and won’t be replaced. 

Galliano was terminated from the house of Dior after being caught on camera drunk, and making anti-stematic comments.  WHAT… ARE YOU FOR REAL!  I can only hope that this will pave the way for a great designers who will keep in mind that its all about the art.  There’s an open spot over at Dior, who wants it?

Now on to bigger and better news… Marc Jacob wins Fashion Week 2011, Paris.


Fall Fashion 2011

Marc Jacob delivers an ending in Fashion Week with attitude!  While house of Dior is making room, Louis Vuitton  uncovered their Fall/ Winter collection.  There was buzz around the streets of Paris that Jacob had something up his sleeve, boy were they right.  Marc Jacob released the force of his “Feti-chic” on the cat walk just in time to stir things up for this fall.  Everyone needs a little leather in their lives,  and Jacob knows excatly how to bring it.  I’m ready for this trend; I already have my gloves, Jacket and shoes!  





WMC was this past weekend in Miami.  Let me start of by expressing how extremely excited I was to see all my old friends again.  This is the time of year that New Yorkers look forward to the most, to fly down when there’s an event such as this, and take over South Beach just for the weekend giving them a chance to re-charge themselves while escaping the cold weather before embarking on a long, and much needed vacation somewhere in the world…Panama, Costa Rica, Cancun, the islands.   

I must say that the drive to SoBe was quite smooth, and even getting off on Alton Rd was pleasant considering the amount of people walking around Saturday night.  Parking wasn’t has complicated as I had anticipated it to be, seeing that all I had to do was keep-it-movin’ after finding that they were charging $50 to valet your car.  Lucky for us, we were able to find a parking garage that was still pretty empty on Collina for only $25, Ja, score!  I know for the people who are residents’ we tend to avoid coming down to South Beach during events like this due to the amount of heads that basically congest the streets of our lovely city; moreover the cost to get in anywhere is completely outrageous.  Cameo Night Club was charging $40 for ladies and $60 for men just because Busta Rhymes was performing inside, and that was pretty cheap considering the talent, but seeing as though time had changed you were basically in line for 4 hrs without any luck.  Now, keep in mind for next time ladies, if you aren’t wearing a leotard or your stuff isn’t hanging out of your outfit there’s no way you are got to get in at first glance, and well…yeah, I don’t do the South Beach look.


Which brings me on over to LUX.  What you have on means nothing when you have DJ Camilo spinning the best music in the house.  Although the entrance to LUX was a little costly it was completely worth it, for I got to see all my loves!  I met a few cool people, and even saw a really old friend who for some crazy reason we keep missing one another.  Thank you for coming down and making Miami spin New York; you should definitely do this more often, have a safe flight everyone, and please come back soon, this one time a year thing is to much to bare.  ♡

Monday’s Eye Candy- Ryan Phillippe

When Ryan Phillippe came onto the Hollywood scene he turned heads with his boy next door looks, corky smile, and delicious lips.  I automatically developed a crush on Philippe, and so did the rest of the world, I’m mean how could you not?  Look at him!


Music for the Soul- Birds Of Tokyo

I’m a fan of music particularly the sounds that keeps me composed, as appose to the loud and in your face music that that makes me uncontrollably hyper, and want to trash things.  Sometimes loud music wears me down, and I forget my positive outlook on things.  If I’m much too hyper I can’t sympathize with people, I can’t focus long enough to understand that they would even need me… which can’t be good,  I think this is called ADD.  I’d like to spend my time especially when I’m all concerned with life, love, simple things which allow me to consider the little friendships I still obtain , listening to music that will enhance my feelings for the better, and well you best believe that the music from Birds of Tokyo, does exactly that.

I know that music can set a mood for just about anything, but what do you listen to in order to start your day?  Let me hear it!