Music for the Soul- Birds Of Tokyo

I’m a fan of music particularly the sounds that keeps me composed, as appose to the loud and in your face music that that makes me uncontrollably hyper, and want to trash things.  Sometimes loud music wears me down, and I forget my positive outlook on things.  If I’m much too hyper I can’t sympathize with people, I can’t focus long enough to understand that they would even need me… which can’t be good,  I think this is called ADD.  I’d like to spend my time especially when I’m all concerned with life, love, simple things which allow me to consider the little friendships I still obtain , listening to music that will enhance my feelings for the better, and well you best believe that the music from Birds of Tokyo, does exactly that.

I know that music can set a mood for just about anything, but what do you listen to in order to start your day?  Let me hear it!





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