WMC was this past weekend in Miami.  Let me start of by expressing how extremely excited I was to see all my old friends again.  This is the time of year that New Yorkers look forward to the most, to fly down when there’s an event such as this, and take over South Beach just for the weekend giving them a chance to re-charge themselves while escaping the cold weather before embarking on a long, and much needed vacation somewhere in the world…Panama, Costa Rica, Cancun, the islands.   

I must say that the drive to SoBe was quite smooth, and even getting off on Alton Rd was pleasant considering the amount of people walking around Saturday night.  Parking wasn’t has complicated as I had anticipated it to be, seeing that all I had to do was keep-it-movin’ after finding that they were charging $50 to valet your car.  Lucky for us, we were able to find a parking garage that was still pretty empty on Collina for only $25, Ja, score!  I know for the people who are residents’ we tend to avoid coming down to South Beach during events like this due to the amount of heads that basically congest the streets of our lovely city; moreover the cost to get in anywhere is completely outrageous.  Cameo Night Club was charging $40 for ladies and $60 for men just because Busta Rhymes was performing inside, and that was pretty cheap considering the talent, but seeing as though time had changed you were basically in line for 4 hrs without any luck.  Now, keep in mind for next time ladies, if you aren’t wearing a leotard or your stuff isn’t hanging out of your outfit there’s no way you are got to get in at first glance, and well…yeah, I don’t do the South Beach look.


Which brings me on over to LUX.  What you have on means nothing when you have DJ Camilo spinning the best music in the house.  Although the entrance to LUX was a little costly it was completely worth it, for I got to see all my loves!  I met a few cool people, and even saw a really old friend who for some crazy reason we keep missing one another.  Thank you for coming down and making Miami spin New York; you should definitely do this more often, have a safe flight everyone, and please come back soon, this one time a year thing is to much to bare.  ♡

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