Dior: Galliano…”You Are FIRED!”

The world of fashion is going to hell! News broke at the beginning of the month that John Galliano was fired from the house of Dior; leaving no one but my friend S, and I completely astound.  Can we have his job?  Anyways, here is where I have a BIG problem; just because you make the clothes, and its fabulous doesn’t mean you’re God like, and won’t be replaced. 

Galliano was terminated from the house of Dior after being caught on camera drunk, and making anti-stematic comments.  WHAT… ARE YOU FOR REAL!  I can only hope that this will pave the way for a great designers who will keep in mind that its all about the art.  There’s an open spot over at Dior, who wants it?

Now on to bigger and better news… Marc Jacob wins Fashion Week 2011, Paris.


Fall Fashion 2011

Marc Jacob delivers an ending in Fashion Week with attitude!  While house of Dior is making room, Louis Vuitton  uncovered their Fall/ Winter collection.  There was buzz around the streets of Paris that Jacob had something up his sleeve, boy were they right.  Marc Jacob released the force of his “Feti-chic” on the cat walk just in time to stir things up for this fall.  Everyone needs a little leather in their lives,  and Jacob knows excatly how to bring it.  I’m ready for this trend; I already have my gloves, Jacket and shoes!