A Supermoon took over the night illuminating the skies, did you see it?  Everyone knows that I have a love hate relationship with the moon.  Some nights it’s pretty, some nights it simply breathtaking, and then there are some nights where we just don’t see eye to eye, but overall it’s stunning to watch.

If you’re a moon lover like I am, then  you understand that there’s something beautiful about this big ball of light that orbits us.  When we have to many question running through our minds, it only take a glance and then we find all the answers; we look for hope, and even in the hardest of times we are able to find peace.  Isn’t that lovely? 

Now, while some went off to bed because it seemed as though the moon was the same it had always been, others took to the streets to enjoy the spectacular show of the night sky.  It just so happens that a few of my friends took their habits to the streets of Miami, capturing this magnificent moon.

Taken by yours truly with my BB over Hammocks Blvd.  Normally it looks like a bright dot in the sky with my phone :)



Photo by Monica  taken over Miami lakes


Freedom Tower

Photo by Edin “Freedom Tower” snapped in Downtown Miami


The moon by others on different parts of the world.


If you have any pictures from last night’s Supermoon share them with us on the comments below.  I would love to see the images from allover the world.