Save the Gusman Center!


If you love me and or cherish me in anyway, adore me or simply just can’t stand me… then that’s all fine, but while you’re add it, can you do this as well?  I’m not asking for money for a charity this time, I’m asking for a moment out of your busy schedule to save the future of the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.  If you’ve been following my blog then you’ll remember the post where I spoke about going to see David Garrett at the Gusman.  Well, the Center has been looking for ways to keeps its doors open however there’s just not enough funding.  It’s also kind of hard to provide for it when you have the AAA a few blocks down, and the Arsht Center not too far from it as well, which takes away from little places  such as this around the Downtown area.  

Like I had mentioned in my previous post, this would be a perfect place for new bands, and theatrical show…I’m thinking, something along the lines of a small Broadway thing, Miami is full of actors, I’m sure there is a group out there whiling to call this, home?  Its big enough for any local artist, or bands who are looking to Rock out in an intimate setting without having to worry about not selling enough tickets, but if you don’t get involved this theater will close its doors at the end of March, and that’s way too soon and completely saddens me.  Save the Arts people, and with your signature it can be done, a little goes a long way.

It takes less than 30 seconds to express your support for a bright new future for the historic Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts.
Please use and share the link below. 

Item is on City Commission agenda on Thursday, March 24th!

Thank you and I’m curtin that the people who are working hard to keep the doors open at Gusman, thank you as well.  :)

Monday’s Eye Candy- DJ A-Trak

As I took to twitter in search of new music to share with you guys, I came out of my search feeling slightly disappointed.  I have a lot of “Musicians” on there and only but a few have links on the twitter page.  I have already feature some of the ones that follow me, and I’m still looking for something to catch my ear…needless to say this left me all bummed out, until I decided to go with a DJ.  After all they are my favorite kind of people in the world, and without them the clubs don’t stand a chance.  So without further ado let’s get onto my top pick for this Monday’s Eye Candy, and Music for the Soul.  I’m killing two birds with one stone here this week.  Enjoy!





Dont forget to catch DJ A-Trak when he brings Fool’s Gold to Miami on the 26 of March.  It’s a free event so get your RSVP on time people!

If you didnt know…you better ask somebody!