Monday’s Eye Candy- DJ A-Trak

As I took to twitter in search of new music to share with you guys, I came out of my search feeling slightly disappointed.  I have a lot of “Musicians” on there and only but a few have links on the twitter page.  I have already feature some of the ones that follow me, and I’m still looking for something to catch my ear…needless to say this left me all bummed out, until I decided to go with a DJ.  After all they are my favorite kind of people in the world, and without them the clubs don’t stand a chance.  So without further ado let’s get onto my top pick for this Monday’s Eye Candy, and Music for the Soul.  I’m killing two birds with one stone here this week.  Enjoy!





Dont forget to catch DJ A-Trak when he brings Fool’s Gold to Miami on the 26 of March.  It’s a free event so get your RSVP on time people!

If you didnt know…you better ask somebody!

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