Big Trends 2011- Color Jeans/Feather necklace & Plaid Shirts

Just last week Mayer was photographed arriving LAX with a feather chain on, well news flash… it’s the latest trend…who said Mayer wasn’t trendy? Oh that’s right, me!   Do you remember when I spent months looking for color jeans? Well guess what, now that I don’t want them any longer they’reeverywhere, and in every color known to man!  Oh and look for the boot cut jeans… and lots of Denim, they are making a comeback this season, thank goodness for the relax fit!  I can’t handle the skinny jean trend any longer; Latina’s have curves people, remember that!!

Etsy:  Feathers Necklace $19.50

Old Navy: Fab Grey Signature Skinnies $10.50

Gap: Patch pocket capris (monaco green )  $59.95

Gap: Sexy boot surplus jeans (white wash) $69.50
                                         Who new Mr. Mayer  was a “Fashionista”?
Now for those who want to copy Mayer’s look, here you go. I found some items that will complete his gear to a T.  Just…don’t forget the hair ;)  Also keep in mind this will look great with a nice pair of brown or beige shoes, and to spice it up add the feather chain, and the Wayfarer. 

Gap: Flynn Plaid shirt  49.99

Gap: The new Crewneck $12.99

GAP: Twill slim fit grass $59.95

Etsy: Feather necklace $40.00

How many of you will be attending Tiger’s Jam Fest this weekend??  I will have a guest blogger covering the show so stay tunned! 

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