My Summer Fashion Must Haves!

After spring cleaning my closet, again (I need a new hobby) I have decided that it’s time for a new look.  So I took to the web in search of something new that I can fancy for the next 6 months. And what I found was that it’s obvious I have a thing for vintage, and that the 1950’s look captivates me more than any other era.  I came across these cute little numbers by ModCloth, and while the world of fashion is going towards bright blues, and yellow, with a touch of nude, I found that the best alternative for me during the summer are these fabulous whimsical pieces. What do you think?


Sweet Little Librarian Dress $64.99


Flashback Film Sweetheart Dress $49.99


Ornate for a Date Top $42.99


Swingtown Sweetie Dress $79.99


Dinner at Dusk Dress $44.99


Spotted in the Garden Romper $99.99

What’s your look for summer 2011?



Most of you know by know that I have developed a liking to David Sedaris.  This is very OLD news gathering from the many times I’ve read his books, and posted them on here.  Now, as I looked over the table of contents, I saw that one of his chapters was named: Something For Everyone, and that got me to thinking… how many of you out there have or are actually reading his work? I have posted quite a few books on the blog, some very different in elements, and I know that we all have certain tastes in books however are we, (meaning you, and I) on the same page here?  If you have read his work I would love to hear from you, do you like his style? Does he remind you of another author?  What other books would you recommend for me to read? Let me hear you.

Music for the Soul-Phil Jacobson


 I came across the name Phil Jacobson on the street’s of Miami.  While meeting up with my fam on SOBE’, someone walked up to me and said, “here I think you’ll like this” handing over a post-it…yeah a post-it!  I meant to take a picture, but for some miraculous reason the post-it disappeared, but not before going on to my blackberry and “liking” his page.

Now do you live in Miami? Well then you’re in luck, because Phil Jacobson is a local artist, YAY for locals! I love supporting local acts,  it will give me a chance to check out their shows, and develop a connection with the band.  We all know that when they’re this new, the level of appreciation is on a different high.  Head on over to fb and like his stuff, you never know when he might be hitting the road, and into your town.

Monday’s Eye Candy – Dr. Drew Pinsky

I’ve decided theres no better time like (post-rapture) to feature this Celebrity Dr, since he’s The-Go-To Guy for all the looney’s of the world.  He was actually number 15 on the list after it was brought to my attention that: Hot, Tall, Mysterious and Sexy… aren’t always the attribute many look for in someone.  Most happened to think that Dr. Drew is attractive, and I have also learned that Dr. Drew is considered to be “SEXY”.  So after receiving email’s, and a wall post’s on my fb about him, I figured why not give him a chance.  Now in doing so, I have discovered that I reconnected with the love for geeks, like I had had once upon a time, when I used to stay up for MTVs Loveline.  You would think Adam Corolla would’ve caught my eye, with his arrogance but no… the Doctor did.  Shortly thereafter I lost interest in MTV for a while, and so it happened that I lost interest in Dr. Drew as well.  But this shouldn’t stop him or anyone from making it on to the spot,  here you go ladies, the first real doctor to make it on to Monday’s Eye Candy, Dr. Drew Pinsky.  Jennifer and Annabelle this ones for you, Enjoy!