Monday’s Eye Candy- Rob Pattinson


I have to admit that when I first saw Robert Pattinson, I didn’t think him a BIG deal.  I didn’t think he was much to drool over…or even had considered him Eye Candy worthy.  However as time passes, I’ve grown a particular liking to Mr. Pattinson, I guess it was during the third installment of the Twilight Saga, or maybe it was the hair?  I’m not sure but one thing is for a fact, I had finally started to see him as a potential crush. He is really turning into “Leading Man” status in Hollywood, and in my mind.  Now after the trailer aired for, Water for Elephants, did it became apparent that I had not only developed a crush for Rob, but I felt I had to place him on the list of,Attractive Hotness. The man is handsome, and not only does he have a british accent, he has also managed to stay humble, his boy next door look is very soft and natural on the eyes, and when he dresses up, you can’t help but to admire him from a far.  He is completely worthy of a Monday’s Eye Candy spot for sure!  Enjoy.