Monday’s Eye Candy- President Barack Obama

When Barack Obama went up for office I was hopeful that he would win.  I voted for him. Not for everything that he was promising, but for the fact that I am in favor of change.  I give too much credit and benefit of the doubt to those less worthy, so why not him?  I believed that he would bring change to our county, and I think he will continue to do so, even far after his term.  Change… I love change.  I change my hair all the time, because it makes me feel better.  I change my style all the time, because I can.  I change my living room whenever I want, because I like to keep the Feng Shui therapy going.  So it didn’t surprise me at all that Obama was elected President of the United States of America.  Many young adults voted for him, because they too wanted change.  I grew tired of hearing stories of the past that have yet to change the future. I grew tired of coming into contact with someone who once had, but now is left with just that memory. Finally something positive was happening.  Finally some real change was coming to the mind of those who thought that the world was against them for some reason or another.  Finally some change in the lives of those who thought, this couldn’t be a possibility, ever. Now if only we can add peace on earth…oh, that’s right, we kinda did, it came in a small dose at 11pm on May 1st, 2011.