Music for the Soul- Adele 21


It took me a while to post Adele because I had been listening to her new album 21 none stop.  When the album first dropped, I was told to stay clear (for personal reasons) but once I felt ready to listen to what she had to say, she opened my eyes to a whole new way of thinking about love, heartbreak, and relationships.  Sometimes people come and go, and even though they do, the best part is that you were open to it while they were around.  This albums came into my life a the right time, such a young person…such an old soul.  Her lyrics are deep, and it comforts me to know that I will love that deeply again. It’s reminded me to keep my mind, and heart open no matter what.  Because how else would I expect for the good things in life to find me, if I’m busy being closed to the world?  I hope that her new album can bring some kind of answers to those in search of them.  21 was even better than 19.  Enjoy!


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